6 Ways I Learn Something New Every Week

Each week I make it my personal mission to learn something new. Sometimes we passively move through the world. We take in what's given to us without being purposeful about what we are "picking up." Sometimes we also only specialized in what is relevant to us in the "day-to-day." If you work as a swim coach, it is advantageous to fill your day with swimming stats and techniques.

These things help you improve your job, but how can you be a balanced and whole person if you don't take in information about 'how to improve your credit score' or 'conversational American Sign Language' you won't be able to interact with new people while growing as a person.

I know you may feel overwhelmed with the idea of learning something 'new' each week, but calm down and take a breath. You won't be tested! The point is to take in something that is interesting TO YOU and be able to use it within your free time or apply it to your day-to-day. Below I will go over the possible ways you can take in new information depending on your interest.

1. Podcasts

So at this point with the Podcast boom, I'm sure you know what they are. However, if you don't --It's basically talk radio! You are able to get opinions, but also to gain research that others are doing. There are websites that offer different podcasts, but whatever phone you have you can go to your Applications store and download whatever medium you use.

I myself have a favorite three podcasts where I am always being introduced to new things: Black Minimalist (a sustainable podcast focused on maximizing your life with less), Daily Boost ( A podcast that breaks away from the traditional norms of Personal Development without being cheesy), and Another Round (this podcast covers everything from race, gender and pop culture to squirrels, mangoes, and bad jokes).

2. TED Talks

Hopefully, in some form, you have encountered TED talks, but if you haven't they are short or long presentation videos on "ideas worth sharing". Because the times range it can be really easy to find one that fits into the time you have allotted for learning. TED has a website, but you can also go to Youtube and find TEDx talks which are events that take more of a focus on a local community and voices. “Officially, the 'x' stands for independently organized TED event.

3. "The Google"

This one is simple. Take the topic you choose to gain information about and use the all-powerful Google! My best friend keeps a list of things she wants to research later.

For instance, we were discussing how churches teach Sex education and I asked her if she had ever searched for information on or examples of Sex Positive Christians. Her eyes grew large and she let out a loud "hmmm" then added it to her list of things to later Google. Learning something weekly can be as simple as having a conversation with a friend and deciding to look something up later AND FOLLOWING THROUGH.

4. Duolingo Phone App

If you are interested in learning a language, I recommend the app Duolingo or the desktop version on the website. It is fun games that help using a new language. They have a bunch! (though I am waiting for American Sign Language to be added!) You can add friends and start a friendly competition to help motivate you to do it daily!

5. Daily fact app/Word of the Day

I am famous for being that annoying person that posts new things I learn from daily fact apps or quotes that impact me from daily quote apps! I apologize in advance!

However, this is a really easy way to take in new information and a start point for researching around something arbitrary. Just make sure to check the facts before you go spreading fake news!

6. Visit your local library!

I know you may cringe at the thought of going to the library because most of us were forced to go as children. I ask you, what is so bad about the library? I am sure there is at least one book you want to read & If there is, why not check your local library? I know some of you have Amazon lists with books you are considering buying — 8 times out of 10 the library has it or has it on audio-book for free!

Your final qualm may be "Taylor I can't even find a Library near me!" Well, have no fear this link will help you find any library nationally!

I hope by the end of this you are convinced at how easy it is to take in something new weekly! Trust me your brain will thank you later and do a little dance! (dance depicted below!)

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