6 Venmo Transfers Every College Student Has Sent Or Received, Unfortunately

6 Venmo Transfers Every College Student Has Sent Or Received, Unfortunately

"It's OK, Tiffany, we know that those emojis mean alcohol so why don't you just write that."

If you've never heard of Venmo, then you are definitely out of the loop. For those of you that have no idea what it is (hi mom), it's an app that most college kids use to send money from their bank account to a friend's bank.

If you've ever scrolled through your Venmo feed, then you've probably seen some of the random things people send money for.

1. Alcohol

It's OK, Tiffany, we know that those emojis mean alcohol so why don't you just write that.

2. Food

If there's something college kids like more than alcohol, it's Cookout and McDonald's.

3. Gas and Uber

4. Drugs

Now a lot of people like to use the maple leaf and maybe little pill emojis but this girl was not shy about what she was paying for.

5. The Random Money Friends Send To Embarrass Eachother

If you scroll through your feed long enough you're bound to see a friend paying someone else for something that probably shouldn't be public knowledge.

6. More Alcohol

Because this is probably 90% of the reason people send money.

Cover Image Credit: Marlye Jerva

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21 Thoughts All College Girls Have The Morning After Going To The Bar


Bar night is a highlight of the typical college girls week. This also means that the Friday's after bar night might just be the worst days of the week. We've all been there. Waking up and forcing yourself to get dressed and trek across campus to make it to your 10 A.M. can be the worst feeling of the week. If you even make it out the door, you're bound to have a few of these thoughts pop through your head.

1. **Alarm goes off**


3. Ugh, I cannot miss this class

4. **Checks syllabus to see if I can miss one more time**

5. Shit, I'm already at my limit

6. If I don't throw up brushing my teeth, I'm gonna consider that a win

7. Who bought us rumple shots?!?!


9. **Goes to get dressed, realizes I have no clean clothes**

10. Grabs dirty shirt because who cares if I'm gonna smell like alcohol anyway?

11. Holy shit is the sun always this bright!?!

12. It's only a twenty-minute walk to my class, I think I can make it

13. Why are there so many people walking to class today?!?!

14. Get out of my way

15. Do people really need to ask me if I went out last night? Is that not clearly obvious?

16. If this frat boy talks about how many tequila shots he took last night one more time, I will seriously throw up

17. I wonder whats worse: the smell of alcohol coming through my pores, or the fact that my hair smells like smoke?

18. Oh its the smoke for sure, why do they still let people smoke in bars!?!?

19. Oh god, even my professor is giving me the look, he knows!

20. Should I go get taco bell after this?

21. No that definitely wouldn't end well

Cover Image Credit: Facebook

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Experiencing Brotherhood With And Beyond Video Games

Having brothers is a rare treasure.

In part one of my "Monumental Life Transitions" I had briefly talked about my experience in the military and how God used some aspects of it to shape the kind of person I am today. I will now shift gears and talk about life after the military with a quick background story that explains the title. I ended up moving back to Richmond, Virginia to live with my parents after my Active Duty military service was over. I have only played three shooting games in the past several years: Halo, Halo Reach and Call of Duty Black Ops. It took me awhile to actually provide some competition when I was in the Army at Fort Bliss, Texas with my buddies. Once I got the hang of it, I was doing fine.

1. Call of Duty was a pain in the butt to begin with.

I was playing on the XBOX 360 - a game system - before switching to Call of Duty Black Ops (hereafter COD) which was only played on PlayStation. It can be challenging to switch game systems when you have only played one in recent memory. Not to mention the fact that there was at least one significant difference between the two games. On Halo you had a radar that was pretty accurate and would tell you when enemies were nearby but on COD it was not very helpful. So I basically had to constantly watch my back at every turn. It became quite exhausting just to be frank.

Well, part of getting introduced to COD was from meeting two fellows who would become some of my closest friends in Richmond, Virginia: Adam and Derek. I had met Derek at a weekly Bible study that was for college students and young professionals. He was carrying an Apologetics (the task of defending the central teachings of the Christian faith) Study Bible which caught my eye since I rarely saw anyone carrying any sort of Apologetics related material around. That night started a relatively long journey.

2. Friendships can come from almost anywhere.

Over the ensuing years, I would have theological and philosophical disagreements with him as well as develop a deep appreciation for his companionship, love and fellowship. Derek is one of the brightest, intellectually minded men I know. He is especially socially gifted in rather unique ways. I believe he could hold a conversation with anyone for any given length of time. If there does not seem to be anything interesting to talk about, Derek can introduce a topic that could last for hours.

It was Derek who introduced me to my other good friend Adam. I met Adam at his apartment where I was introduced to trying to destroy Zombies on COD and stay alive as long as possible. It was basically a survival mode game where you defended a large area, had weapons to draw and would try holding down the place as long as you could. We would stay up as late as three o'clock in the morning because of how fun and admittedly addicting the game was.

3. Friendships can teach us a considerable amount about ourselves, life and God.

There are at least three important takeaways from sharing this story. First, it was because of Adam and Derek that I knew what it was like to have close guy friends that I could hang out with on a regular basis. Not all guys like video games but it was through video games that our friendship emerged and deepened over time.

Second, Adam and Derek allowed me to be myself and real. Most of my closest friends for most of my life have been girls but there is something about having a close male companion that allowed me to be honest in a way I might not have been otherwise. This is not to say that I cannot be truly honest and authentic with my closest female friends but perhaps in a different way.

And lastly, Adam and Derek gave me a glimpse what it might have been like if I had a brother growing up. I am the youngest of three kids with two older sisters. I am thankful for them and love them dearly even though I have wished at times that I had a brother growing up. In any event, Adam and Derek gave me something special that I will never forget as long as I live.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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