We are halfway through the semester and the school year is in full swing; we have our work schedules and class schedules and if anybody’s is like mine then the idea of a day off is a foreign concept to you. If you aren’t in class then you’re at work and if you’re not at work then you are doing homework for class. So the question is how to not get lost in the chaos-driven hurricane that is your life.

1. Get a planner

And a good one. You want to write down every homework assignment lined up against your class schedule and work schedule so you know what you need to get done.

2. Plan out your studying ahead of time

I work two double shifts followed by one-to-two other shifts a week. If I don’t plan when I’m going to do my homework, then it will never get done.

3. Unexpected free time? Get things done early

The sooner you get stuff done the less you will have to worry about later.

4. Work during your lunch break

Because of my double shifts, I get an hour for lunch at work. I take that time to get some homework assignments done and turned in.

5. Make sure to sleep at night

There is no point in trying to get so much done if you’re just going to crash from exhaustion.

6. Try and take time to relax

If you work too hard nonstop for weeks, then by the end of it you will be running on fumes.