6 Things I Should Have Known Before College
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6 Things I Should Have Known Before College

6 things high school didn't teach me that I wish I had known before going to college.

6 Things I Should Have Known Before College

Here it is, another list of things you should have learned in high school, but didn't. I mean, we wouldn't have to write these articles if schools would simply take notice and start teaching us what we really need to know, so we can properly "adult" when we're released upon the world. Anyway let's get going shall we?

1. How Loans Work

HELLO! THIS SHOULD BE TOP PRIORITY! Many kids have to take out loans to be able to pay for their tuition, me included, and before I did, I never knew what the difference was between an unsubsidized loan and a subsidized loan. Nor did I know what interest rate was reasonable or what interest rate will leave me paying off my loans until I'm 80.

2. How to Balance a Checkbook

We learn all about complicated mathematical formulas that we will never use outside of the classroom, but what about knowing a pretty basic need? Now, my school did offer a class that went over how one would balance a checkbook, but many students don't have that offered to them. But hey, we know how to use imaginary numbers.

3. How to Build my Credit

If I didn't have to take Introduction to Business for a General Ed, I wouldn't have. I can say I am happy that I did, because through the class, I learned exactly what credit is and how easily it can be effected and fluctuate up and down. I also learned all those catchy commercials for checking your credit whenever you want are actually going to hurt your credit.


I cannot emphasize this point enough. I had no clue and almost didn't even file them this last tax season. Thank all things good that my mom remembered and told me how. Then, just to make sure I really knew what I was doing and not simply saying yes to make her be quiet, she took me to where she does her taxes. She had an expert tell me the ins and outs of filing taxes, how you can calculate how much you'll get back or perhaps owe and what parts to fill out and what parts to leave empty.

5. What to Expect in an Interview

This one really strikes a chord with me, because I had no idea what to expect going into my first interview. What questions can I expect? Should I bring a resume or no? What do I do with my hands? And number one: WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? What the heck is meant by "business casual"? Does business casual differ depending on where you're trying to get hired at? How dressy is "too dressy?" How casual is "too casual?" ACK!

6. Basic Money Management Skills

How am I expected to be able to figure out how much of my paycheck will need to be saved for bills or if I can splurge on myself a little bit and still have some cushion? What amount of my paycheck should I put into Savings? Should I put any in Savings? In what situations is it better to use cash? To use card? Why does money have to be so complicated?

Will someone please teach me these things instead of concepts and formulas that I'll never use again? Will I ever know how to properly "adult?"

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