If you're a coffee enthusiast, you might be a regular at your local Starbucks. Baristas work hard to make sure your order is the way you want it, but it makes their job a whole lot better if you don't do these horribly annoying things. After talking to friends that work at Starbucks, here's the general consensus of what makes Starbucks employees want to throw in their fancy green aprons:

1. Getting mad when they don't know something from the secret menu.

With the emergence of the various colored drinks (the "pink drink" and more), it's a good time to point out that the "Secret Menu" is an unofficial list of drinks you can order from Starbucks. And while these drinks do exist, can be made and you can order them, you'll need to tell them what ingredients they need to use because —

again —

it's not on the official menu. Because if you ask for a Butterbeer frappaccino, they'll more than likely have no idea how to make it (unless that barista happens to be a "Harry Potter" fan, but just be nice and tell them the ingredients regardless, m'kay?).

2. Ordering frappés.


s are a McDonald's exclusive. You're not going to get the same product at Starbucks. It doesn't even exist at Starbucks and never will. So if you want a frappé

, go to McDonald's. Alternatively, you may order the frappaccinos that they do have.

3. Dumping liquids into the trashcan.

This really applies for any place that serves food and drink. Ask one of employees to dump any liquids down the sink for you. Otherwise it's just a giant mess and makes you that person. Again, this should be noted that you shouldn't dump liquids out anywhere except in the sink.

4. Complaining about the prices.

They don't make the prices. They just make the drinks and fulfill your bizarre requests. If the price on your favorite drink goes up, you'll have to complain to the company directly. No, baristas don't have connections to the company directly.

5. Ordering an espresso expecting a frappaccino.

Frankly, I don't really know what to say about this except it apparently happens enough that it was worth mentioning. Remember to look up different beverages or ask what they are.

6. Being rude and demanding.

No one cares if you're a CEO or an average Joe. Wearing a suit and talking on your phone while ordering impresses no one. Neither is refusing to make eye contact with the employees or throwing fits if your coffee isn't exactly 174.5 degrees. Go close your fancy business deal after you order. Also, if you're really that important, people can wait for you, otherwise you're making a desperate attempt to look important. If you're obsessed with exact temperatures, there's probably a deeper issue.