If you love drama and mystery packed into one show, then Riverdale is the show for you. With a couple of fiery red heads and some snooping mystery-solving teenagers, this show is one you'll want to binge watch until the season comes to an end. While watching each episode you're put through various stages of how you feel towards the show and characters themselves. This is what makes the show so easily watchable and such a crowd favorite.

1. Excitement

It's 6:59 just one minute before the show begins every Wednesday night on the CW, and all of your excitement is building up in anticipation for what might happen on tonights' episode. you are hosting a viewing party as always, and everyone is feeling the excitement for what is about to happen. Who might kill who, or who will snoop where, and most interesting, what will be uncovered on this episode of Riverdale?

2. The Opening Scene

It's now 7:03 and the opening scene has just finished up and already three minutes in you are sucked into watching this show even though you know you have tests to study for, and projects to complete.

3. Mysteries begin to unravel.

Quickly approaching are the mysteries that you've been waiting to hear every detail about. This is when we find out who possibly could've done that, or better yet how did they do it. These moments are those you must turn the volume to its highest to hear every word and sound that is spoken.

4, Halfway through, and there's still more?!

This is the point in the show which you look at your best friend next to you and say, "How on earth is there still more?" You think at this point the show might slow down because mysteries have been solved. Low and behold A new mystery has just been introduced and you know this one will leave you hanging until next week's episode.

5. Coming to a close

It's nearing the last 5 minutes of the episode and you start to develop a mix of sadness and fear for what might happen. Or will this leave you out to dry until next weeks episode? Only time will tell in the show that is Riverdale. However, beware because sadness might occur due to the fact that you must wait a full week until you get to watch this amazing show again.

6. Until next week Riverdale.

The TV is turned off, the snacks are being put away, and all of your viewing party has left the building. This is when the end really begins to set in and you start to cope with reality. With that said, after a riveting episode of Riverdale you are ready for bed in hopes that sleeping might bring the next episode quicker.

With this said, Riverdale has quickly become one of my favorite TV shows, and I (clearly) look forward to it every Wednesday at 7 p.m. Also, Dynasty which airs directly after Riverdale has become a routine as well for when you're just not quite ready for bed.