6 Simple Things You Can Do Daily To Get "Unstuck"
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6 Simple Things You Can Do Daily To Get "Unstuck"

I'm talking about those times when you're spinning your wheels, and how I've gotten out of that and become more present to my life.

6 Simple Things You Can Do Daily To Get "Unstuck"
Photo cred: Team Hustle and Heart

There are seasons in our lives, probably quite a few for some of us, where things just feel… off. I'm talking about those times where you feel like you're spinning your wheels, like you don't quite fit in with your crowd anymore, like there's something missing and you can't quite put your finger on it. I had a pretty long season like this not too long ago, and it was so much so that I figured that this was just my new normal. I was honestly starting to feel like I was losing my mind because something wasn't right, but I didn't know what. So it must be me, right?

Well, yes and no. Over the last year and a half I've found a few key things that, when I incorporate them into my daily life, help me to feel more present to my life. It was me causing myself to feel stuck, because I wasn't doing anything different to try and change it! I wasn't growing, and it took a now very dear friend of mine walking with me and helping me see that for me to change.

So here are my tips to getting unstuck and getting present to a life you actually enjoy:

1. Start every morning with at least 30 minutes to yourself.

During this time I usually try to focus on some personal development, so for example reading a book, listening to motivating podcasts or using my journal for letters to myself and "I Am" affirmations. I say start the day with this because it sets you up powerfully to be feeling positive, confident and motivated for the day.

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2. Feed your body with good nutrition.

Input and output you guys! If you want to have energy, feel good and be able to do things from school work to checking off your bucket list of crazy summer activities. Get all your vitamins, minerals and proteins, and don't be afraid to get some carbs and healthy fats in there! Balanced nutrition can taste amazing, and personally I'm always browsing Pinterest for some new recipes.

Photo cred: Rachel Zubik - Instagram @rachelannie_veg

3. Treat Yourself!

Okay, I know I just stressed the importance of good nutrition, but the whole point of these tips is to help you enjoy your life! Now, I'm not saying every treat has to be ice cream or cookies. Maybe your treat is getting to watch some Netflix or maybe you want to take a nap or take a bubble bath. You do you!

One of the best parts about traveling is trying new foods! Prague is home to this sweet treat.Photo credit: Tessa Jatczak

4. Surround yourself with the kind of people you want to become.

I have several groups of people that I consider my "found families" and they all make me better in different ways. One group that I'm extremely thankful for is a group of strong, empowering females that embody all that I want to be as a woman. We call ourselves Team Hustle and Heart and I could talk about them forever, but maybe another day. I seriously encourage each and every one of you to find friends who make you laugh, friends who challenge you to be better, friends who make you think, and friends that you can relax and rest with. If they're different people for each of those, more power to you! That just means you have a larger network of close friends and loved ones.

Photo cred: Lindsay Weeaste - Instagram @lindsaylosesbig

5. Get your body moving!

I'm not saying you have to go run a 5K every day -- but if you do then great for you! It's been scientifically proven that exercise and movement stimulate your brain. So go for a walk around the block, stretch when you wake up or before bed, go to the gym, take a fitness class, you can literally do anything that gets your body moving. Trust me, you will feel better than if you just sit on your butt all day.

Photo cred: Taylor Moga - Instagram @taylormoga_

6. Do something every day that makes you happy.

So this one might seem pretty obvious. Doing things that make you happy will make you enjoy life. Simple! I'm encouraging you to set aside a planned amount of time every day to intentionally do something that you enjoy (the amount may vary and that's okay). I love art, I'm an art major, so one of the many things that make me happy is making art. So I sketch, paint and I especially love those adult coloring books! It doesn't matter what you do, just intentionally gift yourself that moment of uninterrupted happiness.

Photo credit: Tessa Jatczak

If you're feeling "stuck" and like you might be watching your life pass you by, I encourage you to give these 6 things a shot. I feel more like an active participant in my life rather than being set on autopilot. The simplest things can sometimes make the biggest differences.

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