6 Signs That You Are The Mama Bear Of Your Friend Group

Every friend group has a "mom" of the friend group. Here are some sure fire signs that you, or another member of your squad is the mama bear.

1. Has at least minimal first aid supplies on hand at all times

I.E. band-aids, ibuprofen, benadryl, tissues, sunscreen, and if she has experience, you may even have a small hospital in that small MK clutch.

2. Has given out unsolicited advice on multiple occasions

This is more than one of those chats that you have when you are hungover at noon on a Sunday, this is a chat that you can have at 2pm at Starbucks on a Wednesday. This normally entails a chat about how to make sure that you are getting the most out of your life, and following your dreams rather than telling you to go out with the cute Barista at your favorite coffee shop.

3. Takes care of you when you are sick

Friends that bring you soup and or gatorade when you are sick are the best, and especially when they chill out and watch the ridiculously cheesy rom-coms, and not worried about the germs that are soon to be infesting them as well.

4. You always DD

You will always have a ride home, because mama bear takes care of her cubs

5. Keeps a schedule of events

Mom always has to keep everyone's schedules in order so that no one misses anything, and they can plan activities around everyone else's schedules. A quick trip to the mall involves looking at 5 different calendars all at the same time, and planning an exact start and end time to make it work for everyone so no one is left out

6. Breaking up fights

This is a big one, girls tend to bicker, and get upset and mom always has to make sure that at the end of the day they hug it out and no one leaves upset.

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