There seems to be a naturally occurring phenomenon when one girl goes to the bathroom, and others decide to follow. Boys have wondered why this is the case and what the logic behind it is. What really happens when girls go to the bathroom?

1. We take selfies

Chances are that we’re all out at a nice place, and we look really good. We would hate for the time and effort we put into dressing up to go to waste, therefore we will take countless selfies in the vibrant bathroom lighting. Of course, don’t forget the mirror selfies we’ll take too.

2. We help each other out

We never know what lip gloss we may need from our friend’s purse. We may even need them to help us zip up our dress and fix our hair. The possibilities are endless, and it's nice to have the security of a friend’s support during a time of need.

3. We avoid awkward situations

If the conversations die down or drift to uncomfortable topics, the best escape is a trip to the bathroom. It’s a small break from the tension, enough time to recoup and figure out how to get a handle on things. Going together allows us girls time to draft an elaborate plan together.

4. We keep each other company

Sometimes, it’s just lonely to go alone. We feel like we're missing all the fun and laughter at the table if we go alone, but we're better assured when our friends come with us because they’ll be missing out too!

5. We keep each other safe

Anything can happen on the walk from the table to the bathroom. Or even in the bathroom. Hermione found a troll in the bathroom, and a troll surely can't be defeated by one person. It's probably best to stick together.

6. We gossip

It happens. We try to be good people, but sometimes we just really have something to say that we can't share at the table.