If any of you are like me, we love all of the cuddly creatures out there in the world and always have that one reaction (or two) we have when we spot such a fluffy face. Here are 6 reactions you can expect to see. Which are you?

1. The Ugly Crier

Most likely a female with raging hormones. Give her the puppy and back away slowly.

2. The Tiny Dancer

Simple. This one basically tells all an animal is near by letting loose and dancing as if they have to pee. Honestly, they will probably become speechless as the excitement takes over.

3. The Shrieker

Tread cautiously... this specific individual will let out a scream that will make your hair stand up anytime a cute animal is within site. Earplugs may be required to be this one's friend... and don't ever plan to get anywhere on time- they will want to pet and learn the entire life history of any animal in their path.

4. The Traumatizer

This one is the one who will strike fear in even the friendliest and cuddliest of creatures... over excitement can be your worst enemy in this case.

5. The Immediate BFF

Whether they like it or not... this one will force the fluffy friend into love if needed. These are those who will usually find the animal at the party and hide in a room or corner alone.

6. The Thief

Doesn't matter where, what, or who it belongs to, this one will go to any length to make that puppy they saw on the highway their own.... or the one at Petco- they won't even notice if it's gone....