Look, I'm not here to lecture you about how awful Trump is; we all are very well aware at this point. Instead of directing a tirade against the fascist oompa loompa we now call President, I want to provide an escape. So here are ten pictures of cute baby animals that will hopefully let you forget Trump even exists for a couple of minutes.

1. This adorable husky

I mean just look at this cute little furball! And his eyes are two different colors! TWO!

2.This darling that fits in a cup

OMG guys! It fits in a cup! A CUP!

3. This puppy with the cutest puppy dog eyes

Cute puppy or stuffed animal? I'll let you decide.

4. This chubby bunny

Look at those fat cheeks! They must be filled with love and have access to free and affordable health care!

5. This cutie

I don't know what that is but I want one! Who cares if it'll probably eat me when it grows up?! Not like any of us are gonna live that long anyway!

6. This playful beauty

AWWWW! Look at this adorable little trump supporter! Already learning the salute, I bet his parents are so proud!

I hope these pictures completely distracted you from today's reality and didn't remind you of Trump at all! :)