6 Local Restaurants In Springfield That Are Still Doing Carry Out
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6 Local Restaurants In Springfield That Are Still Doing Carry Out

As a person who works in the service industry, I know how important it is for customers to continue to support local businesses during difficult economic times.

6 Local Restaurants In Springfield That Are Still Doing Carry Out

Here are 6 restaurants that are still open!



I work at Bambinos near campus and we are more than happy to take your to-go orders. We even have a new delivery service. Just call and let us know if you're coming in for pick up or if you'd like your food delivered. If neither of those suits your fancy, we also have a contract with Grub Hub. Call in for some tasty pasta! Also, please don't forget to tip. The servers doing the to-go orders are used to earning all their wages through tips and I know it's easy to not tip on a carryout order. The reality is we're working just as hard to package up your order and make sure the customer service is still as shiny as always. Both locations are open!

My favorites: portabella ravioli, tortellini gorgonzola, greek pasta, or the crab cakes.

Rama Thai


Who doesn't crave pad thai every so often? Rama Thai is by far the best Thai food I've ever had. Who would have thought it would be in Springfield, MO? Just call to place an order and they'll have it ready fairly quickly. For a while before Covid-19, Rama Thai was doing this really weird thing where the servers accepted cash tips only. This was super difficult because most people don't carry around cash these days and then they felt horrible because there was no way for them to tip their server. Now that they are only taking carry out orders, they somehow changed it back so that we can tip on a debit/credit card again. Thank goodness!

My favorite things: Yellow curry with shrimp extra rice or shrimp pad thai.

Craft Sushi


I picked up a to-go poke bowl from Craft last night and it was delicious as always. The people making my bowl behind the counter were extremely grateful for a customer. They said thank you at least three times which was really awesome. Craft just opened about a year ago, so we need to make sure they stay open through all of this end of the world stuff. Give them some love!

My favorite thing: poke bowl with brown rice, double protein (salmon and crab) and all the fixings of your choice.



Wheelhouse has amazing vegan options. It's Mexican-Thai fusion food and it's delicious. There are currently two locations. One is the restaurant that is attached to the Vib hotel on Sunshine, and the other is their cute little food truck on St. Louis street. For the hotel location, call ahead and order, pay over the phone, tell them what kind of car you'll be in, and pull up to the fire line in front of the restaurant. They will bring out your food curbside. Super easy and super yummy.

My favorite things: Thai basil chicken, pineapple fried rice, or sweet and sour chicken.

Coffee Ethic


They are still open and ready for your business. You can go to the provided link below to place your order online. It will take your payment information on the site as well. It will then display something similar to domino's pizza online delivery where it shows a little timeline of when it's being made and when it's ready. Once it's done, just pop into the store and grab your coffee! They are also introducing new products such as bottled cold brew. The bottled products have been selling out pretty quick so get them while you can.


My favorite things: honestly, I am allergic to coffee, but I personally enjoy their fruit smoothies a lot!

Golden Girl Rum Club


This place isn't just a bar with the best drinks in town, it has fantastic food too! Call in an order and you have the option to enter the building to pick it up or they will bring it to you curbside. Their portions are pretty large too, so you'll definitely have some leftovers.

My favorite things: House Ramen, Kimchi-Dilla, or any of their pizzas.

The restaurants I named above are the ones I have personally ordered from during the Coronavirus social distancing. Other restaurants that have to go orders still up and running: Black Sheep, Pappos Pizza, Aviary, Grad School, Greek Belly, Jimm's Steakhouse Druffs, and many more. Please keep these local businesses alive during this time. Once the world is back on its feet again, wouldn't it be a shame if you couldn't enjoy it because your favorite restaurants have closed due to loss of steady business? Support local businesses!

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