I am certifiably obsessed with Gilmore Girls. I have watched the series in its entirety nine times, and I'm currently working on my 10th watch-through. Every time I watch the show, I learn something new and find a new way to connect with the characters I have come to know and love. Since the revival is currently being taped, I figured there's no better way to celebrate than to showcase the life lessons Gilmore Girls provided the world with.

1. Don't be afraid to be yourself (even if you are a little weird).

Take Kirk, for example. He is such a strange individual, yet he still had friends, and even got a girlfriend. Lulu, anyone? She was obviously in love with Kirk, even despite his oddities. If Kirk can make it through life given his level of weirdness, you can do anything.

2. Sometimes what you're looking for is right in front of you.

Luke and Lorelai. Need I say more? Lorelai spent so much time looking for love. She went through Max, Digger, Christopher (multiple times), and all those in between. The only man who was there for her unfailingly was Luke, and everyone knew that Luke and Lorelai belonged together except for Lorelai herself. Stop searching so hard for something you want or need, it may be right in front of your face and you just can't see it.

3. Family is important.

Lorelai had issues with her family, but don't we all at some point in our lives? She spent a long time avoiding her parents, only coming to them when she was forced to get help for Rory's education. From there, their relationship bloomed into what it should be. Sure, the Gilmore clan might have had issues with each other all the way til the end, but they all loved each other. Take a page from Lorelai's book and recognize the fact that, though your parents may bother you, they mean well and they truly do love you.

4. Friendship can come from unlikely places.

From the first moment we lay eyes on Paris, we know she's going to be a handful. And what a handful she is. She and Rory started off on a bad foot, but they managed to overcome their obstacles and become best friends. If you know someone who is a pretty tough nut to crack, don't be afraid to try to get through that tough exterior - you may end up with a lifelong friend.

5. Don't be afraid to break things off to better yourself.

Logan and Rory had their fair share of ups and downs in their relationship, but the two did truly love each other. They both grew and blossomed into better people as a result of their relationship. However, when Rory's graduation came around, she turned down Logan's proposal. Not because she didn't love him, but because she wanted to establish herself first. She wanted to get her professional life in order because she didn't want to just be a Hartford wife. Rory knew exactly what she wanted and she had to make tough decisions to better herself. Don't be afraid to do the same. If you know what you want to do and you have to leave people behind to do so, then so be it. Sure, it will hurt at the time, but you'll be better for it in the end.

6. Love where you're from.

Stars Hollow is a strange place, full of quirky characters and a myriad of festivals and celebrations for seemingly small holidays. Did Rory ever complain? Not at all. She took part in as many of the aforementioned festivals that she could. Even when she went to Yale, she returned to Stars Hollow to take part in some of the festivals and celebrations. Rory loved Stars Hollow with all her heart and never took her home for granted. We should all be the same way. Though you may love where you live right now, you should never look down upon your home, where you started out. Your home shaped you just as much as you shaped your home.

GIlmore Girls is undoubtedly a treasure, a show that can be watched over and over again and always giving you a fresh look into Stars Hollow and your favorite characters. Watching the show isn't just a way to pass the time, it can contribute thoughts and ideas into your everyday life. Gilmore Girls is a show that grows with you, as long as you let it. It's more than just a show.