6 Homemade Christmas Gifts Anyone Would Love
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6 Homemade Christmas Gifts Anyone Would Love

Handmade lovable gifts for Christmas

6 Homemade Christmas Gifts Anyone Would Love

Deciding on what gifts to give out sometimes put you in a pickle, You never know what a person react or if they already have the suggested gift you plan to purchase, Well why not going with a handmade gift instead? Handmade gifts are not only fun to make but it also has a special charm into them. It's like putting a tiny bit of your heart and soul into what you create. As an artist, I know that exact feeling, and it's the most wonderful feeling in the world! Here's a list of six different crafting skills that can get you inspired


Knitting is not only a lovely way to pass the time but it's a perfect way to make a simple gift for the seasonal weather. It is time consuming and you need to have the patience, if you are up for it here's a list of ideas to make.

Sweaters: Yes! sweaters are the very essence of the holiday spirit! They are warm and comfy and it feels like getting a big hug! This easy lacework pattern and this crewneck pattern will definitely will get you started!

Scarves: Having a handmade scarf is just as special as a sweater. But the best part about a scarf is that it can be worn with almost everything! Fringed Fleece scarves are and a Dobbs Ferry Knit Cowl are easy for beginners but if you are looking for a bit of a challenge you could also try a Dip Dye Scarf pattern.

Mittens: Mittens are a must when it comes down to the chilly weather, Would you want your fingers to freeze off? If you want a cute pattern to try out then try this kitten mitten or try this simple yarn pattern

🎁Dioramas/Shelf Nick-Knacks 🎁

I know this category sounds strange, but this can classify a lot of different things to decorate the house, just let your imagination run wild with these ideas.

Snow-globes: I bet you didn't snow-globes could be handmade did you? Believe me it sounds a lot easier then it sounds. Try this mason jar idea a go.

Flower Pressing: Doesn't that sound interesting? By following these instructions you could preserve any type of flower, this could be used all year around, But since it's the holiday season maybe use poinsettias.

Dolls: This could also be a toy idea or it could also be similar to The Elf On The Shelf idea, instead of buying one why not make one? Here's an elf pattern to give a try.

🎁Ornaments for the tree 🎁

I love decorating the tree and having handmade ornaments makes it even more special! Here's a list of suggestions to make your tree feel like the bell of the ball.

Wooden ornaments: Ornaments made out of wood can be a very wonderfully creative way to have on your tree, How about a scrabble tile ornament ? you can make it say whatever you heart desires, Or why not a simple popsicle stick sled ? Or why not a Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer ornament? All of these suggestions are worth giving a try.

Felt Ornaments: If you have leftover fabric from knitting, making ornaments shouldn't be a big deal. Mini Mittens for the tree is a very cute idea, These owl and squirrel ornaments are also cute too! And who could resist this cute little fox ornament?

Faux/Polymer Ornaments: This brings the classic feel to ornaments, For example these faux mercury glass ornaments are beautiful! These macaroon ornaments sound pretty fun to make and I would make these myself! Here's another classic a midcentury modern faux aluminum ornament that would look so lovely!


Portrait are a wonderful idea, it can be anything from a photograph or a hand drawn/painted portrait. Here's a list of suggestions for a portrait subject

Pets: Having a portrait of a pet is a wonderful idea! and the portrait can stay out all year! plus it's also fun dressing up your pet.

Family members: This also works out as well! A family portrait can stat out all year too! and the portrait can also be used as Christmas card too!


Making jewelry is another fun way to pass the time and can be done all year! Mostly handcrafted jewelry can be found on Esty. But if you find yourself a bead kit with the works you can easily become one of those people too! Here's a list of suggestions I recommend for beginners to try.

Necklaces: Necklaces are a must and daily accessory, Why not try a popscile stick necklace. Or if you are into beads why not try this painted wooden bead pattern or this clay bead pattern or maybe a heart wire pattern.

Bracelets: Some bracelets are very comfortable but sometimes if they dangle a lot they can get annoying. This natural rope pattern would look lovely with a causal outfit. Beaded leather bracelets or Tulle Studded bracelets are perfect to wear everyday.

Earrings: Earrings can be very easy to craft, for example these Dolce & Gabbana Pasta Earrings look very pretty and also yummy! These Prada-inspired Rose Earrings and feather earrings would look great on a social gatherings!

🎁Body-care/makeup 🎁

There's nothing more exciting then getting make-up or type or some type of lotion for a gift!

Soap: Believe or not soaps are actually quite fun to make and they look super cute when they are finished! For example this milk-honey soap bar looks adorable and and it smells wonderful. If you are a fan of outer space like I am then why not give the galaxy soap bar a try or maybe this crescent moon soap bar or if you're a fan of snow like me then why not try this snowdrop soap bar !

Bath bombs: Bath bombs are not only cool to watch foaming and frizzing in the bath tub they are very cool and smell great! These peppermint and sprinkle donut bath bombs look and smell very tasty! The heavenly lilac bath truffle and painted berry bath bomb are one of my favorites.

Lip balm/glosses: That's right you can even make your own lip balms! You could try the rosy red lip gloss or perhaps vanilla latte lip balm or maybe this domino lip balm.

I hope this helps you with gift ideas! Merry Christmas!

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