5 Items You Look Forward to Eating During the Holiday Season.

5 Items You Look Forward to Eating During the Holiday Season.

The items you crave during the happiest time of the year!


Well everyone always looks forward to the holiday season. The days off for relaxing, bonding with family, but everyone especially loves the food, well why wouldn't you? For two days of the whole entire year (Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa) we can stuff our stomachs with yummy, homemade deliciousness without being a shame. Here are a few favorites that we ALL look forward too!!

Cranberry Sauce:

Did you know this must have Thanksgiving treat came to be in 1912 when a guy named Marcus L. Urann wanted to extend the short shelf life of cranberries? Some prefer to make more elegant versions at home when Thanksgiving rolls around, but as for me, I want this delicious nonsense to be a slice-able, can-shaped, gelatinous blob.


If you ever want me to avoid speaking to you until the end of time, offer me a glass of eggnog. Back in the day, members of the British aristocracy mixed warm milk, eggs, sweet spices, and various liquors to create the original version of this holiday staple. Because the ingredients were so expensive, it quickly became a symbol of wealth. It eventually fell out of fashion with the Brits, but Americans brought it back. We added our own spin by using rum instead of sherry.

Apple Cider:

Cider was created by the Brits back in 55 B.C., and it has been well loved ever since. With the advent of refrigeration technology in the 20th century, people were able to start drinking unfiltered apple juice, which meant that alcohol was no longer necessary in the process. While Americans refer to non-alcoholic, unfiltered apple juice as cider, the rest of the English-speaking world still associates the term with the alcoholic version.

Pecan Pie:

MY FAVORITE ALL TIME PIE EVER.This amazing Southern staple beamed down from Heaven many years ago. If you ask people who actually know things about pecan pie, however, this dessert was first made in 19th-century Texas. Back then, the filling was a standard custard that was topped with pecans. The pecan pie that we know (and love way too much) today actually came to be in the 1930's when the wife of a Karo Syrup executive came up with a new way to use corn syrup...and we are all eternally grateful to that woman.

Pumpkin Pie:

Pumpkin pie is the perfect Thanksgiving dessert. Everyone knows that. It's science. The beloved pumpkin has been linked to seeds that grew about 9,000 years ago in Mexico, and it was eventually adopted by Native Americans. Boiling pumpkin and mixing it with honey and spices was a great way to preserve it back then, and some even suspect that the Pilgrims made a dish similar to pumpkin pie. They just didn't use a crust.

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