Whenever I told anyone I was going to have five other roommates, they would cringe. They thought it was going to be too much drama or everyone would hate one another, but that has been the opposite of my reality. I love my roommates and we all share an inseparable bond. Of course, everything isn't always going to be sunshine and giggles, but the majority of the time is spent having a great time with each other. I've created a list of a first-look at how having six roommates is the best.

1. Laughing. Lots of laughing

My roommates and I make each other laugh constantly in our house. Everyone pokes fun at each other which makes us all so open with one another. It's impossible to not laugh at least at one point throughout the day, which makes for six happy roomies all the time.

2. Family dinners 

With six roomies, our schedules get pretty hectic and we don't find it too often when we're all home together. When our days do align, we all usually end up eating at the dinner table together. There's no better way than ending a long day talking to my roomies at the dinner table.

3. Six different wardrobes

It's amazing how well all the girls can fit in each others clothes. No need to go last-minutes shopping for an outfit for the night. Checking the roomies closet across the hall has never been so convenient. Plus, we all end up looking amazing.

4. Binge-watching our favorite shows 

What better way to spend your free time other than sitting on the couch with your roomies watching TV? That's what I thought.

5. Boyfriends

Can't reach something in a tall cabinet? Roomies boyfriend is there. Need something hung on the wall? Boyfriend is there. Need advice on what your crush is thinking from an actual boy? Guess who's there? Roomies boyfriend.

6. In-house therapists 

If you have any concerns, happy thoughts, need advice, a shoulder to cry on, or support, guess who's still there? The roomies.

7. No room for loneliness 

With six people living under one roof, it's likely there will always be someone home. This way you'll always have someone to come home to.

8. Sense of belonging 

My roommates and I are all very close. We know each others schedules, we talk all day, etc. Because of this, when we aren't around for a long period of time, we all reach out to each other so we can be together again. Sometimes I'll be at work and receive "I miss you" texts from the roommates. It's comforting to be wanted and to belong somewhere.

9. Making our house a home

Between the cozy furniture, pretty decorated walls, clean house and yummy smelling candles, this house is our home. It's the best place to end my day, everyday.

10. Having six best friends

And what would my home be without my other best friends I share it with? Nothing.

Thank you, roomies, for being the best. I love each one of you so!