It's that time of the year again. Girls across the country are getting ready to put themselves out there for a full weekend of sorority recruitment. It's an exciting time for a lot of people as they search for a place to call their own, but also anxious and nervous about the unpredictable.

There is a chance you might get placed into a new house and build life long friendships, or the chance you might not make a match. If only it was as easy as just sitting down in a chair, placing a magical "sorority matching hat," and being placed in the best sorority for you, just like in Harry Potter.

For those who are about to go through the process or have, here are some common emotions felt throughout your time trying to find your new home.

1. Trying to understand all the lingo and sorority recruitment protocol.

Speaking of Rho Gamma, what exactly is a Rho Gamma? Do you know what PNM stands for? How about MSP? What is Panhellenic? Don't get me started with trying to figure out how to dress. The whole slang that is affiliated with Greek life is all confusing, and you're not alone.

This is a new world to you and all the other potential new members joining you on this adventure. It is not mandatory that you know all of it before you even go to your recruitment orientation! Most likely, during the first night of recruitment, your recruitment coordinators will introduce you to all the slang. With that, every recruitment process is different when it comes to colleges. All of your questions, worries, and what to do the next couple of days.

2. Realizing how many girls want the same thing you do.

Unfortunately, the way rushing works is that not everyone will get a bid. It can become a competitive, tense atmosphere just because every girl in the room has the same hope that you do - to get into a sorority.

The best thing to do is make friends with the girls who are in your Rho Gamma group or who you just happen to sit next to one day. I can promise you that everyone is as nervous as you are, wanting to make the best impression. The whole process is meant to be fun, so make the most out of it!

3. Becoming very nervous and anxious.

With that, you probably are feeling overwhlemed, nervous, and anxious just by seeing all the girls who surround you. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER GIRLS. Sororities look for someone who is genuine and might get along with the other sisters in the house. Remain true to yourself because that is the best version of you.

4. All. The. Talking.

Be prepared to answer the same question repeatedly by different girls. Bring water for the day to each party because there is a lot of talking especially being in a crowded room with 90 or so other girl potential new members and the sisters of each sorority. Don't be afraid to be yourself and be genuine, for that is the key characteristic most sororities are looking for from their potential new members. It does get super tiring, but in the long run, totally worth it!

5. Being afraid that no sorority will want you throughout recruitment.

The way recruitment works is that your Rho Gamma, each day, will let you know which sororities are interested in you after initially meeting all of them. There is this constant fear that you might get dropped and not even complete recruitment. This also just adds to the nervous and overall anxious feeling you'll feel over the next couple of days. Once again, everyone is feeling the same way you are, even if they don't want to admit it.

6. The moment you finally get your bid.

This is the moment that you have been waiting since the moment you registered for recruitment! You finally got to know from your Rho Gamma you had received a bid. You'll feel tons of relief and joy, and maybe even shed a few tears, has you have finally found your new home and new sisters to call your own. Congratulations!!