6 Classes All Ursinus Students Need To Take

6 Classes All Ursinus Students Need To Take

If you are a prospective Ursinus student or a current Ursinus student you need to take ALL of these classes before you graduate.

If you are a prospective Ursinus student or a current Ursinus student you need to take ALL of these classes before you graduate. They were some of the best classes, where I not only learned about the material but also learned about myself as an individual.

1. Methods in Literary Studies.

This class is practical but will absolutely help you writing papers for almost any class. It gives you different lenses to look at literature through. It helps you narrow focus when writing and honestly is just fun. We only learned four specific lenses but just those four opened a whole new can of worms with the more you pulled ideas apart. I never knew you could look at books and their meaning with so many different lenses. It's mind boggling. A must on the "should I take this class" scale.

Bonus points if you take it with Professor Goldsmith because she really gets into it and teaches it well.

2. CIE 100 and...

I can already see a trend of me saying "you totally have to take this class" but you literally HAVE to take this class and be happy you do I feel like this class is all about self discovery. It asks you really deep questions that make you think about who you are as a person. Through the readings, you begin to think about how you would have done something or if you would have done differently. Like Medea, for example. I sympathized with a murder who killed her own children. Or with Montaigne, and how I could not refute cannibalism beside with moral reasoning not medical or logical after our class discussion. It was a very thought-provoking class.

3. CIE 200 because it only got better.

I almost got out of this class because I'm a transfer and I threw a fit about having to take another underclassman class. In the end, I'm glad I decided to take CIE 200. If I hadn't I wouldn't have been as involved with campus. Don't get me wrong, the class was just as thought provoking as CIE100 but it was the mandatory "Common Events" that really made me love this class. They were so...open. I loved how free they were and I loved participating in the Diversity Monologues. It changed my life. Seriously. Take them both, you won't regret it.

4. Middle English Protest Poetry ONLY with McShane.

Middle English with McShane is the ONLY way to go. If she isn't teaching the class then don't take it. If she is, you better jump on that class roster. That class was so much fun and taught me how to read and speak Middle English. It's a fun party trick that I will forever hold dear. But reading poetry in Middle English really influenced the way I read and thought about the poem. There is so much more to it when you analyze the language and the meaning together. It's truly a fanatic class. I recommend it to everyone. And McShane if you have to take an English class or are an English major. She is always there for you and is still young for a professor, so she just gets how hard college is.

5. Feminism and Gender in Art and Art History.

This class...wow. At first, I didn't like it. Art wasn't my thing BUT as I went along and began to learn more and understand the flow of ideas, I became fascinated. The knowledge I gained form that class will carry me for a long time. It was fun and taught me a lot about people, women especially. It showed me that art is more than just a picture or painting but rather art is a life style and a way of being. I can never look at a piece of art in a purely spectator position again. It changed me for the good.

6. Women in Politics.

This class got me to actually educate myself about what was and is going on in our political world. It got me to take a stance on important subjects. I learned that politics does affect me and that my voice matters, especially being a woman. I voted as an informed woman in the 2016 Presidential Election and I'm proud of that. I know I made a good, smart decisions based on how much I learned from that class and from that class propelling me to do reserach on the candidates. This class changed my political views because I finally educated myself on important issues that directly and indirectly affected me. I became more empathetic to people I didn't even know because I learned the struggles many people lived and live through. This class got me to be more involved and less self-involved. Professor Evans or more affectionally Becky, really led the class perfectly and pushed us to think in more open ways. I will forever be in her debt.

If you don't go to Ursinus and can't take these classes then there is an easy solution...transfer immediately. If you do go to Ursinus...look up these classes and get on it!

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An Hour-By-Hour Breakdown Of Sunday In College, As Told By A Procrastinator

Procrastination happens.

9:30 AM, Sunday

Sheesh, what a Saturday night. What time is it? Lovely; another night of six hours of sleep. I'm so hungry, let me text the group chat and see if anyone wants to go to breakfast...

10:00 AM

I must've dozed off. Did anyone write back? Perfect, Lauren and AP are down to get food in a half hour. Let me drag myself out of bed and get ready because the cafeteria is not a place for running mascara and bedhead.

10:30 AM

I see the girls and we sit down in our usual spot near the athletes. Lauren says she has tea to spill from her night and I and AP are so down to hear it.

10:45 AM

We're all sitting down after we get our pancakes and barely-edible eggs when Ash and Rachel show up. We call them over to sit with us because the more the merrier.

11:00 AM

All the tea's been spilled and now we're just talking about all the work we have to do today before the busy week starts. Eli and Anni just walk in and make a b-line for our table. Eli says he has tea for us; we're all in.

11:30 AM

We're still eating after getting seconds and thirds of our breakfast. We know that as soon as we leave the cafeteria we have to face all the stuff we have to do.

12:00 PM

I finally get back to my room after stalling another thirty minutes in the cafeteria and checking my P.O. box even though I know I don't have any packages. I should probably start my forty-five-page reading for anthropology. Wait a second... is it Sunday? Time to do laundry!

12:30 PM

I'm in the laundry room trying to get some of my work done in between washes and dries. Why is it so hot in here? Why can't I stop staring catatonically into the windows of the machines? Oh, it's time to empty the washer and load the dryer. Oh, would you look at that: Lily just came in.

1:00 PM

So Lily and I spent a half an hour talking about our weekend. Was our weekend that eventful? No. But it's fine because I have to wait for my laundry anyway. My clothes will be dried in ten minutes, so there's no point in getting involved in homework. Let me see what the girls are up to. I'm hungry; I think after my laundry's done I'm going to head to the cafeteria.

1:30 PM

I'm serving myself food and convincing myself to eat alone so I can get back to my room quickly to get done all the work I have to do. Oh, wait, I see Carsyn! I should see how she is.

2:15 PM

I'm just heading back to my room after a way-longer-than-necessary lunch. Ashley just finished her laundry and is starting her homework; I should do the same. I take out my anthropology for the second time today and am determined I will get it done now.

I get to the bottom of the page and my eyes start to shut ever so gently. No! I need to read! I get up to splash some cold water on my face and find Ashley napping. I could really use a nap right now, but only a quick one because I seriously have work to do.

3:45 PM

What time is it? Where's Ashley? Is it morning? Oh, wait, it's still Sunday. Shoot! It's almost four o'clock and I haven't gotten any homework done. Why did I sleep so late? I must have slept through my alarm. Whatever, I NEED to start my homework this time!

4:00 PM

Just as I start my homework (again), I get an incoming FaceTime call from my mom. Okay, I need to take this; this call won't take more than a few minutes anyway.

4:30 PM

Okay, now that my call's over I actually have to start my work for real this time. Let me grab a quick snack before I hit the books.

6:30 PM

I'm so proud of myself now that I've finished one of my assignments. I only took two social media breaks! I'm hungry; let me see what the girls are doing for dinner.

7:00 PM

I, Ash, and Rachel sit down at our usual table when the group gets bigger and bigger. We all talk about our weekend and how much we're dreading all the deadlines and assignments that we're going to be hit with this week.

7:30 PM

I'm back in my room after dinner. I guess I'll start my Spanish homework. Hold on, did I really forget to put my laundry away? I might as well do that now.

8:00 PM

I am so ready to start this dreaded Spanish homework now that my laundry is away and my room is tidy. Okay, this reading isn't as bad as I thought. Why do my eyes keep shutting?!?! Snap out of, you still have more reading to do!

9:00 PM

Okay, I finished my Spanish homework so I deserve a social media break... but only a quick one!

9:30 PM

That social media break took way longer than needed; why is Instagram a bottomless pit of sleuthing? Alright, let's start this English essay!

9:45 PM

I have such writers' block that all I've done is write the header. Is that someone at the door? Oh, it's Mary and Julia; I have to catch up with them.

10:30 PM

My favorite twins just left and now I'm back to a practically-empty Word Document. Why do my eyes keep shutting? I know what will wake me up; a nice shower.

11:00 PM

I'm just getting out of the shower now when I realize I forgot that I have more Spanish homework due online at midnight. Great.

11:11 PM

It's eleven-eleven; make a wish! I wish to get this homework done.

11:30 PM

I'm half-way done with my online homework when Ash starts laughing from across the room. She shows me a meme Rachel sent to us in our group chat; I'm kind of obligated to reply with another meme.

11:59 PM

I really shouldn't have spent ten minutes scrolling through memes because now I have to scramble to finish my homework which is due in literally sixty seconds.

12:00 AM, Monday

Done! Happy Monday, world! It's a new week. What else do I have to do? Oh, right, my English Essay.

12:30 AM

I've only gotten one paragraph done and I can't keep my eyes open. My bed looks so comfy; let me just lay here for a few minutes...

1:30 AM

What year is it? Is it Monday? It's almost two in the morning! Why does this always happen to me? I told myself I would never stay up late doing homework on a Sunday night ever again! I'm still so sleepy. I have to finish my essay but I think a few more minutes of sleep would help...

7:30 AM

It's seven-thirty in the morning! Am I dreaming? Nope, I just procrastinated again.

Cover Image Credit: Nik Shuliahin via Unsplash

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4 Benefits of PDF Annotations

Benefits of PDF Annotations!

Have you ever seen objects been added additionally to documents to build on the understanding and expand the content which is already there? These are called annotations. Since the format of PDF files doesn’t allow for convenient editing of the text, having annotations on these files will really help them serve their purpose better. Some of the many ways of adding annotations to the PDF files include adding:

• Texts

• Shapes

• Links

• Sounds played when one clicks on the icon

• Embedded videos

• Attached files

With so many ways to expand on the content of the PDF file, one wonders of the many ways they will benefit the user. Let us take a look at some ways they can help you improve your productivity.

1. Proofreading

Most of the professional documents are available in PDF format since they are more secure and easy to print. The readers can certainly view the PDF files but they cannot edit it, and this ensures that your content remains untouched. In case it needs to be proofread, annotations can be added to suggest alterations and introduce new comments for the actual owner.  

2. Readability

You have a book which is in PDF format and would like to add some additional text for future reference or would want to highlight important points? This can be done through annotations as well. With so many different options available you can make the content more readable and understandable for you. It can also be used to link the text to other documents so that you do not forget about them. You can add in some shapes as well to differentiate between each point and make a flow chart out of it. 

3. Notes

This benefit comes handy for people who are going through a PDF document of technical nature. There will be certain subjects that would need your attention or definitions that you would like to keep track of. By keeping notes, you will be able to follow the real essence of the document better and will help other follow your train of thoughts and develop a deeper understanding of the document as well.

4. Planning

The use of annotations is not just limited to PDF content only. They can be used equally well with maps and organizational charts. Markings can be introduced to help you track your route better and plan the trip accordingly. The file can then be shared with the other members so that they can follow the plan and add their own comments I case they do not agree with anything on it. 

You can add annotations to your document using many tools that are available online. It is one of the best PDF editors that you can add to your software library as it helps you not only edit but also share and convert your document to various other formats.

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