6 Things You'll Only Learn From Working At Bath & Body Works
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6 Things You'll Only Learn From Working At Bath & Body Works

Make the most of your products by knowing how to use them effectively.

6 Things You'll Only Learn From Working At Bath & Body Works

When I first started working as a sales associate for Bath & Body Works a few weeks ago, I definitely didn't expect to learn so many unique facts about our products that I am more than fortunate enough to know now. As a potential consumer who deserves to know how to make the most of our products, I think you'll find these facts particularly interesting as well. Simply keep on reading to learn more!

1. How to smell like your favorite scent all day long.

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to smell like your favorite scent all day long? Fortunately, revealing this secret to others is more than just an effective sales tactic. It also happens to be a true fact! Now, let's suppose you are in love with the scent of one of our body care products. To make that scent prominent on your body for as long as possible, simply apply a shower gel of the same scent to yourself in the morning with the help of a nice, warm shower.

Next, apply a body cream or body lotion (again, of the same scent) to your arms, legs, and neck. Note that a body cream is much thicker, meaning that its scent will last much longer than that of a body lotion. Finally, apply a fragrance mist of the same scent to your upper body, and you'll be all set! The trick is to layer yourself in the same scent in as many ways as possible. It's such an obvious move, but not many people know about it...until now, that is.

2. How to make the scent of a candle more prominent.

Did you know that you can make the scent of a 3-wick candle more prominent without actually having to light it? Simply rub your finger around all 3 wicks in a sort of figure eight motion, and the scent of the candle should instantly become more noticeable.This is a great way to test each candle out before you buy it in order to make sure that its scent is to your liking. Try it the next time you shop with us to witness this magic for yourself!

3. The 4 different classifications of scents that we offer.

Another unique fact about us has to do with the select body care products that we offer. This being that the 4 different classifications of scents we provide include:

1) Floral

2) Fruity

3) Floral-fruity (which is just a combination of both of these scents)

4) Sweet/candy

As sales associates, knowing this information helps us to narrow down products for our customers during the experimentation process.

4. Why you can no longer smell your favorite scent in your house.

Have you ever wondered why you can no longer smell your favorite scent in your house using an air freshener? The fact is that your nose has the tendency to become accustomed to the same scent. So, after a while, you'll no longer be able to smell it. That's how you'll know it's time to switch up that scent with a brand new one so that you can continue to smell your favorite products throughout your house.

5. What "free stuff" actually means for your money.

Many of our customers become very confused at checkout when they notice that none of their products have been reduced to $0.00 even though they are adhering to one of our promotions (e.g. "Buy 3, get 2 free"). The fact of the matter is that we live by a "100% guarantee", which means that the total cost of your products is divided between the 3 highest-priced items. This way, if you don't like something, we can easily give you your money back.

6. The fact that we actually offer products for men.

YES! WE OFFER PRODUCTS FOR MEN, AND THE SCENTS ARE TOTALLY SEXY! What makes our men's products even more unique is the fact that they aren't at all overbearing, and letting a woman know that you are familiar with our brand will make you seem even more relatable to her. So guys, don't be afraid to do some exploring the next time you shop with us. I'm sure your next (or even current) girlfriend will find it rather admirable of you!

I hope you've enjoyed this insider's perspective on what makes our products so unique and effective! I certainly didn't expect to learn all of this when I first started working for the company, and I'm more than honored to be able to represent such an outstanding brand!

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