"You were born and raised to be a southern belle, but in a place like this you like to raise a little hell." Luke Bryan said it, and we're just living it.

1. "Steel Magnolias" wasn't just a movie: it was a guide of how to live your life as the perfect lady would.

2. Sendin' thank you notes isn't an option; it's courtesy.

3. Slow talkin' and slow cookin' are ways of life.

4. Sittin' on the porch just isn't right if you ain't rockin'.

5. Pearls pair properly with everything.

6. If it ain't movin', monogram it.

7. We trust in God.

8. You ain't catchin' fireflies lightnin' bugs unless it's with a Mason jar.

9. We expect men to hold the door, stand when we leave, and always offer a hand.

10. We are overly engaged in politics and don't mind lettin' people know what we think.

11. We believe the most important feat in life might be teachin' our children to be ladies and gentlemen.

12. Vineyard Vines is our everyday casual wear.

13. Sweet tea could solve the multitude of problems out world faces.

14. Manners, bows, and a smile paired with some pearls are the perfect fashion statement.

15. We learned from "The Aristocats" that ladies never start fights, but we sure can finish one.

16. Though we are highly educated, we feel no need to flaunt it.

17. We never let someone leave our house hungry.

18. Our parents walked three miles and uphill both ways to get an education, so that we could drive our pretty little car with a monogram on the back glass to get ours.

19. Camouflage can be found in our closet, even if it's hidden to save our pride.

20. Your "Sunday Best" is our everyday attire.

21. Our gossip is slightly spicier than our foods.

22. Our older bubbas taught us the ropes of life.

23. The bigger the hair, the better; and likewise with curls.

24. Saturdays are for football followed by a night full of tailgates and bonfires.

25. We firmly believe that the way a man treats his momma matters.

26. "Bless your heart" is our most used phrase.

27. Sayin' "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am" (and sir) is manners to most; it's expected of us.

28. Shakin' hands and huggin' warmly are the only ways to greet someone.

29. Sundays are for church, family dinners, and nappin'.

30. To us, there are three main religions: Baptist, Methodist, and SEC football.

31. If you don't say please, you ain't gettin' it.

32. It ain't "posture." It's "sittin' up straight."

33. Country not only plays on our radios, but it tells the stories of our lives.

34. If you can't make sweet tea, you ain't a southern belle.

35. We were raised to be soft-spoken ladies who could lead an army into battle.

36. We love our mommas, but we will always be daddy's little girl.

37. We have dreams of plantation houses and Range Rovers.

38. We know that our only real moment of weakness is when our nails are drying.

39. Floppy hats and big bows consume our head on a daily basis.

40. We melt at bein' called darlin'.

41. Sunnies can hide everything: out of make up, no sleep, a long Saturday night, or just laziness.

42. We don't have much time for lollygaggin' around, but when we do, it's our favorite pastime.

43. We read our Bible and say our prayers.

44. We know that manners trump etiquette, but we still know when to use a dinner fork and a salad fork properly.

45. "Amen!" is the proper way to say that you agree.

46. Contrary to popular belief, Mason jars are the best drinkin' cups there are.

47. "Goodness gracious!", "I do declare!", and "Oh my heavens!" are the only ways we express exasperation.

48. We move slower than molasses with men, but when they say, "gimme some sugar," you don't say no.

49. We. Love. Tailgatin'.

50. We never ever leave home without our face on, but make sure it's a face and not a mask.

51. Eat grits or die tryin'.

52. We plant magnolia trees in the yard and daisies in the flower bed.

53. We know how to both sew and quilt because that's all Granny spent her time doing.


55. "I reckon" is our way of saying either "I guess" or "Isn't it obvious?"

56. Mimosas solve all problems.

57. Bare feet match every outfit.

58. Lilly Pulitzer is our hero and makes up at least half of our closet.

59. We stay in a southern state of mind. You see, the South never really leaves you. It goes with you wherever you go. Being a Southern Belle is a lifestyle I'm glad to live.