51 'Bear Necessities' Every Baylor Student MUST Do On Campus For Freshman Year
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Student Life

51 'Bear Necessities' Every Baylor Student MUST Do On Campus For Freshman Year

This is the ultimate Baylor on-campus bucket list.

51 'Bear Necessities' Every Baylor Student MUST Do On Campus For Freshman Year
Bryanne Sanchez

No car? No problem!

Freshman year is the best year to participate in all of the on-campus activities at Baylor.

Here's a list of things EVERY freshman should mark off of their Baylor Bucket List during year one.

1. Go to the Big Event.

Best Welcome Week event EVER.

2. Dance at Howdy.

Pi Phi hosts a night filled with lively music, country dancing, funnel cakes, and farm animals!

3. Kayak or paddle board at the marina.

Spend some quality time with friends for FREE on the Brazos River.

4. Cheer on our football bears.

Win or lose, show your support and you'll have a SIC time!

5. Walk in the Homecoming Parade.

You won't want to miss out on participating in or watching the country's oldest and longest homecoming parade!

6. Join an Intramural Sport.

Not a star athlete? No worries. Baylor offers a wide variety of fun team sports to join and play through intramurals.

7. Attend the Homecoming Bonfire.

This homecoming tradition is a MUST.

9. Feast at the Thanksgiving Dinner.

Celebrate an early Thanksgiving alongside friends and the rest of campus while dining on FREE pie, turkey, rolls, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and more!

10. Bake in the campus kitchen.

Tired of dorm food? Make food with friends in your dorm's campus kitchen.

11. Grocery shop at the free farmer's market.

Bring a bag and snag some free vegetables, fruits, desserts, and more!

12. Play tennis across from Penland.

You don't have to be a tennis star to rally with a friend every now and then.

13. Attend a Sundown Session.

Baylor's Sundown Sessions include laser tag, giant foosball and pool, mini golf, hypnotist shows, escape rooms, trivia nights, and more!

14. Worship at Vertical.

Join your entire Baylor community every Monday night for a time of worship and devotion to our wonderful God.

15. Celebrate with friends at Christmas on 5th.

Join the entire univeristy in taking pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus, decorating Christmas cookies, riding in a horse-drawn carriage, touring Candyland, viewing a live nativity scene, attending the Christmas tree lighting, and more!

16. Decorate gingerbread houses.

Grab some friends and graham crackers for a night of fun inside your dorm!

17. Spread Christmas cheer by decorating your door.

Most dorms will host hall door decorating competitions. Put some colored paper to good use and spread some Christmas cheer!

18. Randomly go fountain hopping.

Every night is a prime time to spontaneously fountain hop!

19. Spend a rainy day marathoning movies in a fort.

Pull together a few chairs and clip blankets together for hours of quality friend and movie time together.

20. Have a board game day.

Playing board games can be a great way to spend time with friends.

21. Snack at Penland Late Night.

Still hungry at 9 p.m.? Never fear... stop by Penland Late Night!

22. Learn how to play racquetball at the SLC.

Fulfill your Wii Sports dream and play racquetball at Baylor's Student Life Center.

23. Go to Dr. Pepper Hour.

Every Tuesday from 3-4 p.m., Baylor serves FREE Dr. Pepper floats! Go!

24. Take a sewer tour.

Don't forget to grab a flashlight, a pair of tall boots, and a group of friends to guide you through the sewer maze!

25. Host a girls' movie night.

This is bound to be a classic night of laughs and much-needed girl time.

26. Hang up your hammock around campus.

Baylor has a ton of perfect trees to hammock on! This will become your favorite way to study, I'm sure of it.

27. Meet Matt Rhule.

Only a few people will have the privilege of meeting head football coach Matt Rhule.

28. Chill out in the hot tub or pool.

There's even a slide!

29. Roll out in the Chi Omega/Alpha Tau Omega Bed Races and Chili Cook-Off.

When else will you have the opportunity to race someone on a bed? Plus, the homemade chili is worth tasting.

30. Go to Sing! Do it.

This is a Baylor tradition that you MUST see for yourself.

31. Then, you have to go to Zing!

ZZZs take on Sing will have you laughing in your seat all night long.

32. Spend a Friday night at Blacklight Bowling.

Baylor's bowling lanes are FREE and a great way to have fun while saving your money.

33. Visit Lady and Joy, Baylor's live bear mascots.

What other university has two LIVE mascots on their campus? When having a rough day, go take a peek at these two lovely bear friends.

34. Go to a ZZZ party. Klub Koolaid anyone?

ZZZ parties are alcohol-free and a great opportunity to wear the wildest clothes in your wardrobe.

35. Scare your socks off at Fiji Fright Night.

Cute frat boys will have you screaming your lungs out during this 15-minute haunted house!

36. Run the Bear or Cub Trail.

Working out is a necessity in college. If you love to run, the Bear and Cub Trail will be perfect running destinations for you!

37. Get your late night snack fix at Penland's Midnight Breakfast.

Karaoke, matching pajamas, and FREE breakfast foods will be the perfect way to spend a lazy weekday night.

38. Study, meet a friend for coffee, or go to a concert at Common Grounds.

Common Grounds is the place to be, believe me.

39. Play dorm foosball, ping-pong, and pool games.

Take advantage of your dorm's basement. It's a perfect way to kill time during a study break.

40. Cheer on the Baylor Baseball boys.

Hot dogs and home runs await all those who venture over to a Baylor Baseball game!

41. Enjoy a day off during Dia del Oso.

DIA will be a gift from God come the second semester. It includes goat yoga, zip lining, freed food from food trucks, a petting zoo, mini golf, and so many more activities!

42. Climb the 53-foot tall rock wall.

If you're adventurous, you'll love Baylor's very own rock wall.

43. Have a spontaneous dorm dance party.

Please, never take studying too seriously when you're in your best friends' dorm.

44. Take a tour of the Mayborn Museum.

This museum has many hidden jewels. They are even bringing a Titanic exhibit soon!

45. Snag an invite to an A-List dinner.

Once in a while, Baylor Dining's chefs will cook up a special meal for a select few.

46. Scare and give candy to your professor's children at Treat Night.

When else can you dress up in a Halloween costume and pass out candy to a bunch of cute kids?

47. Enjoy a Baylor Theatre show.

Students at Baylor are so talented. It will be worth your time to snatch a ticket to a Baylor Theatre Production show.

48. Listen to a concert in Waco Hall or in the Glennis McCrary Music Building.

These musicians are talented too! Spend a night listening to spectacular music with your friends.

49. Take a stroll in the Secret Garden next to the Armstrong Browning Library.

This is a lovely, hidden study spot!

50. Help out the community while surrounded by friends at Steppin' Out.

Join your dorm or favorite extracurricular club in helping out the Waco community!

51. Go sailgating before a home football game.

The Brazos River is ideal for spending time before the real game begins!

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