51 Questions Every Girl Has Asked Her Roommate
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51 Questions Every Girl Has Asked Her Roommate

Wanna cuddle?

51 Questions Every Girl Has Asked Her Roommate

If you're as lucky as I am, your roommates are your best friends. They can be your shoulder to cry on, your mom, your beer pong partner and so much more. You ask them everything from what shoes you should wear to if they'll nap with you. Here are 51 questions every girl has asked her roommate at some point this year:

1. What do you wanna do tonight?

2. Should I buy this shirt online?

3. Do you wanna hear this awesome song I found?

4. Wanna get breakfast?

5. Do you have time for a coffee date?

6. Should I Instagram this?

7. Is this tweet funny?

8. Wanna cuddle?

9. Should we stay in tonight?

10. Do you wanna watch that new movie on Netflix?

11. Does this outfit look okay?

12. Does this shirt smell dirty? Smell it.

13. Should we clean?

14. Can we order a pizza?

15. Wait, pizza or chinese?

16. Wait...milkshakes?

17. Will you make sure I go to the gym tomorrow?

18. Who are you texting?

19. Wait, do you like that guy in your chem class?

20. Does this tank top make me look fat?

21. Can I borrow that eye shadow?

22. What do you wanna do this weekend?

23. Are you gonna be up late tonight?

24. Can you hand me my phone?

25. Wanna take a nap?

26. Are you home right now?

27. Can I make a phone call right now?

28. How hungover are you right now? One to ten, I'm a seven.

29. Ugh can we get chicken nuggets?

30. Have you seen my hairbrush?

31. Where the hell is the remote?

32. Will you still love me when I fail my accounting test?

33. Do you wanna go to Target this weekend?

34. How's your mom? I miss her.

35. Also, how's your hot brother?

36. You know I would never actually hit on your brother, right? Okay, maybe just once. I'm kidding, I'm kidding!

37. What's your favorite kind of Pop-Tarts?

38. Should I text that guy from work?

39. Are you busy today? Binge watch Netflix with me!

40. Did you see the picture we took last night? It's so cute.

41. Can I have a hug please?

42. Will you wake me up in 30 minutes?

43. I need to fit into my jeans, will you make sure I don't eat carbs for two weeks?

44. Will you come to the bathroom with me?

45. How was your day? I missed you!

46. Where'd you get those shoes? They're adorable.

47. Can I borrow that tank top I love?

48. ...and those shoes?

49. You know how much I love you, right?

50. Promise you'll love me forever?

51. What would I do without you?

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