50 Ways You Know You Grew Up In This Generation
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50 Ways You Know You Grew Up In This Generation

Just a little nostalgia for ya.

50 Ways You Know You Grew Up In This Generation
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1. You question if you have the right number when the message doesn't turn blue

2. You have brought your laptop in with you to the bathroom

3. You have a list of baby names in the notes section of your phone

4. You have texted someone who is in the same room as you

5. You've been genuinely mad at someone for looking up the winner of the Bachelor before the season has even started, or you've done it yourself

6. You have retraced the events of last night by looking through your Snapchat memories

7. Your best friend was determined by the amount of "A's" you put in front of their contact name in middle school

8. You have FaceTimed someone who is in the same house as you

9. Pop2K on SiriusXM radio was one of the best things to happen to you

10. You own an absurd amount of designer workout leggings despite the fact that you have never worked out in them

11. You used to make music videos on iMovie in hopes of becoming the next Rebecca Black

12. Finishing a Netflix show can ruin your week

13. You had a middle school significant other that you rarely talked to in person, but you texted 24/7

14. You have had a full blown photo shoot just to find the perfect picture to Instagram

15. You've rolled your eyes at an Elementary school child with an iPhone because you had to "rough it" with an LG enV until 8th grade graduation

16. You used to keep your schools online grading system as a tab on your computer in case your parents walked into your room, so you could easily click out of Facebook

17. You have been upset with someone for making a Snapchat story but not responding to your text

18. At some point you had a name for your group of friends

19. You've spent over 10 minutes staring at a text that says "hey," asked your friends how to respond (the difference between "hi," "hii," "hey," "sup," etc. is essential to how the conversation is going to go), and then proceeded to hold off on sending it for a few minutes so you don't seem "desperate" or "eager"

20. You've used the excuse "I never got that text," when you both are well aware that you did

21. You've complained about an iPhone app update just because you don't like change

22. You've bought a ticket to a concert of an artist that you've never heard of, so everyday leading up to the concert you've listened to their songs and become their No. 1 fan

23. You've followed someone on Twitter that is on private just so you can follow a subtweet fight

24. You've tagged your parents in a picture on Facebook to get more likes

25. You have postponed uploading a picture until it is "prime Instagram hours"

26. You have taken a picture of a Snapchat on someone else's phone just so the sender didn't see that you took a screenshot

27. You were on a sports team for the "social aspect"

28. You don't text your friends asking where they are, you just track them on Find My Friends

29. You've judged someone for using a particular Snapchat filter an excessive amount of times

30. You have a voice mailbox that hasn't been set up yet, even though you've had your phone since you were in 3rd grade

31. You've made a contact in your phone "DO NOT ANSWER" despite the fact that you know you will definitely answer

32. You've changed your phone background to something motivational

33. You wore matching Juicy Couture sweatsuits and rolled down Ugg boots with your friends on numerous occasions

34. You think it is sketchy when someone goes on a date with someone they matched with on Tinder, despite the fact that you have the app yourself ("It's just for entertainment")

35. You have taken a screenshot of someone's Instagram and zoomed in on it just to inspect if they used a skinny app to edit it

36. You have unfriended someone on social media to prove a point

37. You would get personally offended if your initials weren't in a friends AIM away message

38. You have been scratched by your cracked iPhone screen but are too lazy to get it replaced

39. The Sims took up the majority of the storage on your household computer but you still downloaded expansion packs

40. You have ordered something online even though the store is in your local mall

41. You've saved at least 100 "Tasty" recipes with no intention of actually making them

42. You've used the "my printer wasn't working" excuse for a late assignment

43. Deleting text messages from an ex is a sense of closure and is considered a milestone

44. You've gone Facebook live at a party

45. You were inspired to become a surgeon after watching Grey's Anatomy

46. You've complained about how the Victoria Secret Fashion Show makes you feel fat, but you still have every intention to watch it

47. You've gone public on a social media account before because you will gain more followers that way

48. You changed your name on Facebook before applying to colleges so they couldn't track your inappropriate pictures, but you never considered deleting the pictures

49. You have walked into something/someone because you were staring at your phone

50. You've laughed, nodded and agreed to the majority of these

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