1. "I vacuumed!"

2. "Should I shower now or after dinner?"

3. "If I go to the gym today I feel like I don't have to go 'til Sunday!"

4. "Ugh, I can't get 'Uptown Funk' outta my head."

5. "I had a really good smoothie today."

6. "Should I Uber to Norris or just walk?"

7. "Do you like this filter? Or is it like too much you think?"

8. "Does this sound OK?"

9. "I'm thinking of dropping Econ."

10. "I miss my dog."

11. "I had like five pop tarts today but I'm just like, 'No, it's fine, you'll do better tomorrow."

12. "I said I would do better tomorrow but like it's tomorrow and I haven't really done better."

13. "How often do you change your pillowcases?"

14. "I curled my hair but now I think I wanna straighten it."

15. "Aw, Happy Birthday to your sister!"

16. "Wait, how do you bump an email?"

17. "Have you done it on the top bunk?"

18. "I've totally done it on the top bunk!"

19. "I found really good crackers at Whole Foods today and I was like two for $5? Uh... HELL YEAH!"

20. "Answering emails is literally my nightmare."

21. "Sunday nights just make me so anxious."

22. "I need a new prof pic."

23. "I really hate my new prof pic, but now I can't change it cause it's too soon right?

24. "I feel like I should've gotten braces when I was younger."

25. "Where are my headphones?"

26. "I'm out of gummy vitamins."

27. "We should totally get a sun lamp."

28. "I just feel like a sexy betch tonight, ya know?"

29. "Is it weird to change my cover photo at 10:00 on a Saturday?"

30. "I need a new minor, what's a smart-sounding minor?"

31. "I'm just gonna do this Italian now, and then I'm gonna watch 20 min of 'Friends,' and then I'm going to bed."

32. "OK, you just can't let me stay up this late anymore. That's it."

33. "OMG! Thank God you're back, I was so lonely."

34. "This laundry smells SO good"

35. "We should totally have a geofilter for our room!"

36. "No, it's like nothing's really wrong, it's just like my whole body hurts ya know?"

37. "Look at this bag, isn't that like v. reasonable?"

38. "Do you know how to use lip liner? Or is that like not a thing anymore?"

39. "Wait can I read you this text?"

40. "Is this blazer business casual enough? Like, I don't have slacks. Do I need slacks?"

41. "Are you home right now?"

42. "See?! Sometimes I freak out for actual reasons!!"

43. "Oh my God, it's so hot in here literally I'm so sweaty."

44. "Oh my God, it's so cold in here literally I'm freezing."

45. "I just ate an entire demi baguette."

46. "How come you always get packages and I never get packages except my vitamins?"

47. "Uh-oh, that looks ratchet."

48. "I'll try to be super quiet!"

49. "Sorry I was so loud last night!"

50. "Wow, you are really pulling off that turtleneck."