I'm sure to some people, we seem like the most unlikely friends. Heck, I don't know how it's possible to be so different, yet so the same all at once.

You take 15 minutes to get ready, I take two hours; you hate being the center of attention, I love a good spotlight; you're the left brain, I'm the right — But all that is what makes our friendship work so well.

If we could star as the main characters from any Disney Channel Original Movie, it would without a doubt be "Twitches" because you're truly the Alex to my Camryn.

Thank you for being you and for being my best friend, and thank you for...

1. Seeing me at my very worst and still loving me.

2. Being down for any and everything.

3. Making me laugh so hard my stomach hurts.

4. Being a part of every story worth telling.

Emily Beltran

5. Driving me absolutely everywhere for two years.

6. Driving my car when I don't feel like driving.

7. Telling me that everything's going to be okay and not leaving me until it is. 

8. Being spontaneous.

9. Spending hours helping me with my math homework.

10. Sticking by my side even when I'm being moody.

11. Listening to me talk for way too long.

Emily Beltran

12. Always answering when I call, even if it's just to say you can't talk right now.

13. Putting up with my overdramatic self.

14. Being a shoulder to cry on.

15. Always being down to have a good time.

16. Making going nothing fun.

17. Coming to my appointments.

18. Always spilling the tea because you know I love to hear it.

Emily Beltran

19. Giving me the credit I deserve.

20. Never being mad at me.

21. Googling every question I ask.

22. Knowing when to listen.

23. Thinking I'm as funny as I think I am.

24. Telling me when I'm wrong.

25. Knowing my idea is crazy but still doing it with me anyway.

26. Being honest with me.

27. Trusting me.

28. Traveling with me.

Emily Beltran

29. Loving Reece's more than I do.

30. Laying on the beach all day with me.

31. Taking me as I am.

32. Never judging me or anyone.

33. Having my back.

34. Building me up.

35. Making me feel like family.

36. Responding to my 10-minute voice memo with a 15-minute voice memo.

37. Spending so much time with me and not getting sick of me.

Emily Beltran

38. No such thing as an awkward silence.

39. Letting me pick what movie we watch.

40. Never getting annoyed with my constant singing.

41. Loving Glee as much as I do.

42. Being the translator when I have no idea what someone just said.

Emily Beltran

43. Studying abroad with me.

44. Telling me everything.

45. Being my home away from home.

46. Being strong when I can't be.

47. Being proud to be my friend.

48. Being the best roommate ever.

49. Making me a better person.

50. Loving me unconditionally. 

Emily Beltran

Thank you for the endless laughs, love and memories.