50 Journal Prompts for the New Year
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50 Journal Prompts for the New Year

Utilizing journal prompts as a way to visualize your goals and enjoy writing

50 Journal Prompts for the New Year

We have all made it pretty clear that New Year's resolutions are just a distinct set up for failure. We get busy, life happens, and you unwillingly become stuck in the endless cycle of unfulfilled goals. I get it. However, here are some journaling prompts that might actually help you achieve those goals of yours. Follow them everyday or pick one during an occasional burst of creativity, but either way, utilize them as a way to better understand yourself. Happy New Year and may all your resolutions be realistic. On with the prompts...

1. If you were a combination of character tropes from books or movies, which ones would you be and what do you think that says about you? Example: Girl next door, Jock, Punk rocker, etc.

2. If you were a cartoon, what would your default outfit be and why?

3. Talk about three material items that are important to you or bring back feelings of nostalgia.

4. What is your ultimate insecurity that prevents you from being creative?

5. Name three to five songs that make you feel alive and explain why.

6. Go on a rant about your biggest passion. Why does it enthrall you? Why are you so interested in it?

7. Make a playlist of songs that fit your mood right now and title it accordingly. Doodle all around the playlist and make it fit your mood.

8. Write someone (anyone) an open letter. Give it to them (or don't!).

9. Establish three goals to complete for the week. Write down plans to achieve them, if needed.

10. Reflect upon a person or situation you never received closure with.

11. Write a poem about your favorite color (or any color you want).

12. What qualities allow you to stand out from others/live a more truly authentic lifestyle?

13. Learn more about a subject/thing/concept/person you are interested in and write your thoughts on it afterwards.

14. Make a list of small things you can improve on and how you can do it.

15. Where (or with whom) do you feel the most at home? Why?

16. Reflect on a childhood memory that deeply resonates with you.

17. Write someone a thank you letter. Give it to them (or don't!).

18. If you were able to donate one million dollars to one cause, what would that cause be?

19. What is your most imaginative desire- from unrealistic dreams to secret wishes?

20. What season makes you feel the most internal peace and why? Describe your idea of a perfect day while living in that season.

21. Delete a social media platform for one day and explain the experience you have.

22. If you could be the President of the United States, what are the first things you would do? What reforms would you make?

23. Write a poem about the room you are currently in or the weather right now.

24. What do you do to unwind? Why does it help you?

25. Press a flower between the pages of your journal and write about the physical transformation of the flower you chose to press.

26. Express gratitude for your life right now. Walk through your day and express genuine thankfulness for the little things that happen.

27. If there is something you want to do, but haven't yet, what is keeping you from doing it?

28. What do you think other people see and feel when they see you?

29. What is one piece of media that makes you feel whole?

30. What is your astrological sign? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Child at heart or Old soul? Type A or Type B? What do you think these mean about you (if you think they mean anything at all- if not, write about why you don't)?

31. Describe a random or strange habit you have and how you feel about it.

32. Write about your pet peeves.

33. Describe a defining moment that provoked a shift in your life and what made it so important.

34. Doodle anything you want and give it a funny title.

35. Discuss your favorite drink and why you like it so much.

36. Admit something to yourself that you are afraid to admit.

37. What is your biggest irrational fear?

38. If you were a month, a planet, and a Greek God/Goddess, which ones would you be? I know it sounds random, but I really think they are all connected.

39. What is the last thing that gave you a childlike sense of wonder?

40. What do you need to have in order to feel well? This can be tangible (coffee, for example) or more complex (affirmation, perception, etc.).

41. Write a rumor or story about someone you do not like. On the back, write what you think their point of view on the situation would be.

42. How do you make the people in your life feel openly loved and appreciated?

43. Write about the character who most inspires you.

44. Brag about your accomplishments from the past year. Relish in your authentic pride!

45. Write about a mishap you made the best of and how.

46. Say "yes" to at least three things you normally would say "no" to today, and write about the experience.

47. Write about the choices you have made today, big or small. Discuss the consequences (or the lack of consequences) of these choices.

48. Sit down for thirty minutes and do some stream of consciousness writing. Never stop writing and do not censor or correct your thoughts.

49. Describe the progress you have made on a creative project or personal endeavor.

50. What do you want to accomplish in your life? Now go and accomplish it!

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