50 Compliments To Give That Aren't About Physical Appearance

1. You never fail to make me smile

2. I can tell that you genuinely care about people

3. You always tell the best jokes

4. You are strong

5. You are intelligent

6. You have great taste in ____

7. Talking with you always brightens my day

8. You are fun to hang out with

9. Your laugh is contagious

10. You are talented

11. You have an amazing voice

12. I think my dog might like you more than me

13. You radiate kindness

14. You are the best ____ I've ever seen

15. You are such a hard worker

16. I bet if you dropped a mixtape it would be fire

17. You have a wonderful sense of creativity

18. You really have an eye for ____

19. You radiate confidence

20. You mean a lot to me

21. You are a fantastic listener

22. I could not imagine life without you

23. You are so understanding

24. I feel like you would be a great person to do a group project with

25. You are going to make a difference in the world

26. You are a phenomenal leader

27. You are selfless

28. You make people feel good

29. You are reliable

30. Your ideas and beliefs matter

31. I could trust you with anything (even my passwords!)

32. You smell good

33. People can always count on you

34. I bet animals love you

35. You are great with strangers

36. You always tip the perfect amount

37. I bet even Kanye would like you more than himself

38. You're hysterical

39. You are definitely doing your part to save the Earth

40. You made my day

41. I am proud of all you have accomplished

42. You have such a big heart

43. You have a beautiful mind

44. You are a positive influence

45. You are a badass, like, honestly super cool

46. I can be myself around you

47. You are just doing a great job at life

48. You are empowering

49. You inspire me to be a better person

50. I am glad you exist

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