One Life, One Bucket List And 50 Things To Do Before I'm Done
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Student Life

One Life, One Bucket List And 50 Things To Do Before I'm Done

Hopes and dreams truly do keep a person going through times of discouragement.

One Life, One Bucket List And 50 Things To Do Before I'm Done
Thomas Wilson III

I am someone who genuinely LOVES to try new things and experience all that life has to offer. We as humans are truly overwhelmed with all that God has given us. I love to dream and imagine the things that I want out of life, especially in times of isolation. I mean we are only here once... it's not fun to be sad, angry or annoyed! Why waste your time that way?

While on a plane ride a few months ago, I thought that it could be fun to come up with a Bucket List. Thinking about completing these activities (maybe even some with the potential woman of my dreams) has me super exhilarated to the point of euphoria.

I think that we should all create a tangible list like this that we can look at in times of distress. Hopes and dreams truly do keep a person going through times of discouragement! It's super fun to be anxious about something! Additionally, we are always told to set goals.. so why not create a Bucket List?

While I may not complete all of these by the time I say goodbye to this wonderful world, these are the endeavors I hope to have exposed myself to by the time I die:

1. Go to Yellowstone National Park

2. Tour the White House

3. Visit Mount Rushmore

4. Go to the Top of the Empire State Building

5. Drive a Rolls-Royce

6. Drive on the AutoBahn

7. Go to the Grand Canyon

8. See the Great Wall of China

9. Drink Wine & Eat Pizza in Italy

10. Go on a Safari in Africa

11. Visit the Egyptian Pyramids

12. Drink a Beer at a Pub in Ireland

13. Smoke a Cuban Cigar

14. Have an NY Style Pizza in Manhattan

15. Go On a Cruise

16. Go to Lollapalooza

17. Go to Coachella

18. Go to Country Thunder

19. See the Northern Lights

20. Stay in the TRUMP Tower

21. Visit Stonehenge

22. Tour Wine Country in Napa Valley, Ca

23. Go to Machu Pichu

24. See Mardi Gras in NOLA

25. Be in Times Square, NY on New Years Eve

26. See a Broadway Play in NYC

27. Drink a Coca-Cola in Mexico

28. See the Eiffel Tower

29.Take a Boat Ride on the Water Streets of Venice, Italy

30. Attend Mass at a Southern Baptist Church

31. Fly on a "Fly Emirates" Flight

32. Go on a Long/Overnight Train Ride

33. See Big Ben in England

34. Go to Pike Place Market in Seattle

35. Visit/See the Space Needle

36. Gamble at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas

37. See the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

38. Visit Alcatraz

39. See the Hollywood Sign

40. See a Concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado

41. See the Mona Lisa

42. Go to Punxsutawney, PA on Groundhog Day

43. Go to Oktoberfest in Germany

44. See Normandy Beach in France

45. Ride a Horse at a Ranch in Texas

46. Go to the Thanksgiving Parade in NYC

47. Eat a Lobster in Maine

48. Eat Fish & Chips in England

49. Take a trip to Santorini, Greece

50. Run with the Bulls in Spain

If I could complete even half of these I would be a very fortunate man. Let me know if you'd like to join me in any of these endeavors ;). Have a great life, guys!

The longer we can remain simple in thought, the more relaxed we will be! Don't let the perils of everyday life (work, school, etc.) get to you. Life is about LIVING, not just existing. Make your mark on the lives of those around you!

- TWilson III

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