The 5 Best Winter Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin
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The 5 Best Winter Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin

Tackle winter troubles with these nourishing products!

The 5 Best Winter Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin
Haati Chai

With the winter season comes blustery winds, cold nights and weather that reeks havoc on your hair and skin. How on earth can you maintain a healthy and glowing look when the weather is against you? The right skincare products can help! By taking care of your hair and skin, you can keep them radiant all winter long. Don't forget eating right, drinking water and exercise also play a part in getting your skin back to its healthy state. You'd be surprised how much these factors affect everything.

Even with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, skin and hair products help get everything in prime condition. Check out five of the best products to get started!

1. Pamper your skin with summer scents.

Words cannot describe how much I love this skin polish by Heather Marianna! Not only does it smell like summer (its name is Tropical Smoothie), but it exfoliates AND moisturizes your skin all at once! Made out of sugar granules for exfoliating and rice bran oil for moisturizing, your skin will eat up this all-natural shower product that will have you ready to book your winter getaway.

2. Mask the dullness.

After receiving a sample of Purlisse's Mud Mask + Exfoliant, I absolutely love it! As someone who has sensitive skin and is acne prone, I'm cautious as to what products I put on my face. Purlisse has always been good to my skin when I've used it before, but this mud mask is my favorite so far! Not only does it exfoliate gently, but the natural ingredients do wonders for your skin that have it glowing long after.

3. Condition your hair to shine.

Deep conditioning your hair is so important! Embelleze Novex Argan Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Mask does wonders to make your hair soft and smooth again! Leave it in for ten minutes while you exfoliate and shave. Remember, harsh weather and heat styling put your hair through a lot during the winter. With Pure Argan Oil and Vitamin E, your hair will outshine any dreary day!

4. Keep your face visibly glowing.

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I've been using Elizabeth Arden's Visible Difference Cream for years (thanks mom) and it never fails to keep my skin smooth during the dryest conditions. This is also a cream you can use for years to come and year round if you feel your skin really needs it. Gently apply a light layer over your face and neck and you're ready to go!

5. Calm your skin and yourself.

There's nothing better than a night in and pampering yourself. Aveeno's Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion has a wonderful light smell with lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang that also helps calm you after a long week. I honestly love the light smell since it's not overpowering, but still smells good and keeps your skin soft all season.

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