5 Ways to Get Over Your Ex

5 Ways to Get Over Your Ex

Looking for ways to get over someone? Here are five things that have helped me!


Honestly, there is no way of getting around it, breakups suck! Whether you were the one who broke up with them, or you were the one who was dumped, either way breakups mean that you are loosing someone that you used to care about. Here are five ways to get over someone that has helped me!

1. Spend time with friends and family.

Breakups leave you with a terrible void where someone that once had your heart broke it. You are probably feeling a lot of sadness and guilt. Through these big emotions that you are feeling, it is important to open up to people that you trust about it. By spending time with friends and family, you can open up about how you are feeling, and fill the void where your ex once was. The more you open up about how you are feeling, the sooner you can move on again.

2. Theres a reason why you broke up- remember that reason.

After a breakup, there are many times that you want to talk to your ex again. This may be when you are lonely, or think of something that they did. We all know that it can be tempting to reach out to your ex again, and many of us have before and that's okay. When those feelings happen, it is important to remember why you broke up with them initially. Whether it was that you weren't feeling it anymore, or they weren't good for you. Whatever it is, if you remember the reason that it didn't work out, so you can move on and grow from there. When you remember why you broke up, you may be less tempted to get back together.

3. Take some time for yourself!

During a relationship, it is a wonderful feeling because you are usually never alone. You have someone that cares about you, and you can cuddle with whenever you want. Yet, during this time, it is hard to have down time which is also a very important to have for your mental health. Take this breakup to learn more about yourself, and grow as a person more individually. Where at first it may seem like being alone is the worst thing ever, you will learn to appreciate it more as time goes on. You can make decisions that you never would have been able to make of you were in a relationship.This one definitely takes practice with time and age.

4. When the right time comes, get back out there!

Where having alone time is important, it is also important to eventually get back out there again. If you are single for too long, you do not want to stay hung up on your ex. Take what you learned from that relationship, and build it in the next one. Ultimately, I believe that every relationship is a learning experience until you find the right one. Don't let the mistakes made in the last relationship hold you down from trying again. We all have made mistakes in relationships before, but that doesn't mean that you will make the same ones again. You will definitely meet someone that is much better for you than your ex was.

5. Keep the emotions that you feel about your ex balanced. 

I can't express how many times I hear the words come out of my friends mouths "my ex is a piece of trash", "I hate my ex because he did...". Where it is natural to get upset at someone who hurt you, and you have every right to, it is also important to keep the emotions balanced. Where if you have so much anger for your ex, when you see them again and see that they are not that bad, you may be flooded with the good that they brought you again, and get back together. When you look at your ex, remember the bad that they brought, and the good at the same time. I'm one of those people that believe that some relationships can end in good terms if you keep a balanced view of each-other even through the breakup.

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