5 Ways Your Mental Health Can Benefit From Running
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5 Ways Your Mental Health Can Benefit From Running

Mental Health Can Benefit From Running

Mental Health Can Benefit From Running

Most people engage in exercises, especially running to build their muscles, improve their health, and get rid of the unhealthy fats in their body. They do not know that when running to take care of their bodies they are also improving their mental health.

When you start running, your heart pumps harder while at the same time pumping blood through your body quickly than before. In addition, the respiratory system works a little bit harder as well, and the body prepares itself for vigorous activity.

The body then starts the process of releasing endorphins as you push yourself and start increasing your running speed. Endorphins are hormones that stimulate the body to something often referred to as the natural high.

The natural high helps one to feel relaxed and happy and is one of the benefits of running. Apart from that, your mental health can benefit from running in several ways, among them;

Building Self Esteem

Just like some other forms of exercise, running is known to build the self-confidence of runners. Runners get excited and prepare themselves well before they start running. Some of them will equip themselves with running gear such as a cool running hat and running belt to ensure that they have all that they need for a comfortable run, on top of looking good.

Every step of the way takes the runner closer to their goals. Whether it’s laps around the block or completing a 5K, subconsciously the runner will build confidence and will try to progress every week. The renewed strength coupled with the right running gear makes it possible for them to navigate different terrains, clear any obstacles, and offer a sense of empowerment.

Builds Mental Endurance

Just like running helps the body to remain strong, it also trains the mind to endure the pain. When running, runners are forced to focus and build the determination that helps them fight fatigue and other obstacles such as rain, wind, and snow.

Every successful run in bad weather promotes a new level of satisfaction. Over time, a runner will be disciplined enough to put on their running shoes even on the coldest mornings because they have endured similar conditions in the past.

Relieving Stress

Running is very important when it comes to relieving stress. Even though running might provide stress relief in the short term especially when changing the state of your mind, it can also bring some long-lasting advantages.

Research has shown that runners are able to improve their emotional well-being and get relief from things such as aggression, depression, tension, anxiety, and anger just because of running.

Running also helps in boosting happiness, mood, and self-confidence. These are all important aspects when it comes to the management of stress.

Enhancing Sleep

The quality of sleep that a person gets has a direct impact on their mental health. Poor quality of sleep is one of the leading causes of anxiety, stress, and depression. Sleep problems can also be caused by other mental conditions such as bipolar disorder.

Running is known to improve the quality of sleep. Research has shown that people who engage in activities such as running have few chances of experiencing daytime fatigue compared to those who do not. Daytime fatigue is also caused by poor quality of sleep.

Research has also indicated that people who spend at least thirty minutes running every morning have better sleep than those who do not run. Such people also have improved moods throughout their day and are able to engage in their daily activities better than those that do not run.

Production of Vitamin D

Finally, running or even taking a walk outside during a sunny day is important in boosting the production of Vitamin D in your body. This is especially true on those depressing winter days, and a good dose of vitamin D can help fight the symptoms of depression.


As much as running brings many benefits to the bodies of runners, it also plays a vital role in improving their mental health condition. Whether you are a seasoned runner or just bought your first pair of running shoes, you will reap the mental health benefits!

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