So my inspiration today is that I'm actually sick currently as I write this, and there are a lot of things I feel like I'm blowing off til the last minute to do something else. The worst part though Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplashis that I feel bad for relaxing and taking it easy. I don't get sick often so I'm not used to being out of commission this long. So without further ado, here are 5 things I've procrastinated on while sick.

1. Blowing off Writing This Article Because I Lost All Sense of Time

You ever get so doped up on cold medicine that you go into a hypnotic time wormhole? Or disoriented from the wracking coughs? Don't you just looooove cold and flu season?

2. Blowing off Working on my Homework Because Effort

I'd rather be catching up on Orange is the New Black on Netflix and eating chocolate cake.

3. Blowing off Your Emails Because it's Too Much to Read

Too many words and too much time to be eating snacks and watching tv.

4. Blowing off Going Outside

Because it's cold outside and I don't feel like moving my sick lump of a body outdoors. Besides indoors has all the creature comforts.

5. Blowing off Cleaning Up a Mess

Because why do today what you could do whenever? All that standing and bending over and scrubbing. Such a fun way to spend a sick day.