5 Ways to Rock a Wearable Blanket
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5 Ways to Rock a Wearable Blanket

In this day in age, comfort truly is everything

5 Ways to Rock a Wearable Blanket

In this day in age, comfort truly is everything. One item that has always represented comfort throughout the ages and across all cultures is the wearable blanket. Reliable for always giving you warmth and allowing you to truly snuggle up into comfort, blankets you can wear are something loved by all—and certainly something that you should own!

There is a reason why blankets are often considered a household essential. But blankets are not just made for your bed. In fact, there are all sorts of blankets that have been designed to let you wear multiple ways, and in multiple locations. This includes everything from the majestic outdoor hills to a sunset session on the beach. You can even get away with styling a wearable blanket when going out to dinner or when out with friends.

To help provide you with inspiration on exactly how you can make the most of your wearable blanket and get ample use from it, we have rounded up the top ways to really rock a wearable blanket. In fact, they are so stylish we would go as far to say that they are the “it” fashion item to have for 2022.

On the Catwalk

We are going to start with probably the most surprising example but is in fact true. Wearable blankets are now being designed by luxury fashion designers and making their way onto the catwalk during fashion shows around the world. Not only do these pieces pay homage to the history and culture of wearable blankets, but also act as a nod to recognizing that contemporary fashion is all about comfort.

As a Poncho

The Mexican poncho has been around for a long time and still remains to be just as functional and stylish as it was all those years ago. Back in the day, wearable blankets were used by those who were making the long treks over the Andes Mountains and trying to migrate to a new life. The blanket provided warmth and comfort during what was known as an extremely difficult—and sometimes deadly—trek.

Nowadays, a wearable blanket can still function as a poncho and is something that is widely worn throughout Central and South America. The blankets are often designed to fit your head through a big hole in the middle and are made out of alpaca wool—a material that is durable and warm.

As a Cloak

While many consider the cloak or cape to be a fashion item that was meant for the Jane Austen era, we are here to argue that they are most certainly making a comeback. The wearable blanket can be worked as a cloak or cape when wanting to make a fashion statement out in public and equally wanting comfort and protection from the weather.

Back in the day, this was considered to be a staple piece of any woman’s wardrobe and equally an essential piece for the Roman soldier ensemble. But now, you can have a wearable blanket worn as a cape or cloak to rock a traditional and elegant style.

Draped Around the Shoulder

Sometimes, wearable blankets do not need many adjustments to rock. For example, people who live in Lesotho, a country in Africa, rock their wearable blankets by simply draping one side of the blanket over their shoulder and pinning it in place. This is so common there that it is actually considered to be a part of their national identity.

You too can rock a similar style with your wearable blanket. You can get a fabric pin nearly anywhere and wrap it over the outfit you already have on. Not only will you be extremely warm and cozy, but equally bring an African fashion statement into your own community and culture.

One with a Hood

We all have likely invested in way too many sweatshirts over the last two years thanks to spending way too much time at home. But now, wearable blankets also offer the same benefits that sweatshirts do—both from the material used to the attached hood that will equally help keep your head warm.

If you are at home, the athletic leisure wearable blanket is definitely the best one to rock. You can wear it as you type away at your home office, while you cook dinner, while you snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie or even in your own bed.

The added hood to a wearable blanket provides a whole new element to comfort, as when your head is warm the rest of your body will automatically warm up too.


So this year, rock the wearable blanket with confidence. From the catwalk to your home office, wearable blankets are not only moldable but equally durable and reliable. No matter how you wear it, they will always provide you with the utmost level of comfort and warmth.


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