5 Ways to Stay Motivated this Semester

5 Ways to Stay Motivated this Semester

In a slump after being home for a month? Here are five ways to get motivated this semester.


When in college, the adjustment from being home for a long period of time and then going back to school can be very challenging. The lull between semesters can be very nice compared to the stress brought through classes and school. Here are five ways to go into this semester with more drive and motivation to accomplish more in your life.

1. Keep your planner updated and accurate for the goals to accomplish everyday.

Every semester, I start making a planner, but as time goes on I find myself not updating it and becoming lazy. One thing that helps the slight ease into the work of the semester is keeping an updated and accurate planner. When you have certain goals that you accomplish each day, this can make your focus go to the goals ahead, and not the adjustment back to school. You will find that you will feel more motivated to accomplish certain tasks and you will add more and more into your daily routines each day. By the time that assignments and work starts for the semester, you will be motivated to complete them before deadlines.

2. Go to your classes early. 

A huge difference in the level of motivation I feel in my subjects at school can be felt when I go to my classes early. When I am running late to my classes, it can be easy to just sit in the back of the room. Because the professor already started teaching it can be easy to feel unmotivated and zone out. One way to do better in your classes is by getting to your classes nice and early, and sitting in one of the front rows. Then, you can make friends and can be less distracted by the people in-front of you. You will also get to know your professor better, and this can be a vital resource to have as you continue your schooling.

3. Keep a normal sleep schedule and eat healthy. 

Two ways to avoid the grogginess that can lead to feeling unmotivated in your subjects is by going to bed early and eating a healthy breakfast. You will be surprised by the amount that a good nights sleep and a good breakfast will help you in your concentration in subjects. Looking back at the classes I took in college, the ones that I retained the most information in were the ones that I ate before and had a full eight hours of sleep before. Start off the semester right through getting used to these routines. If you have not been keeping a normal sleep schedule or have not been eating a healthy breakfast, you will notice the drastic difference in your level of motivation.

4. Take time to meditate before starting your day. 

Throughout my day, thoughts can circle in your head that can lead you to feel distracted and unmotivated. A great way to stop these feelings from coming is by meditating before you start your day. By meditating, this can clear your mind so that you are faced with the thoughts that ultimately are the most important for you to accomplish. These skills can also be used throughout your day as well. Before a quiz or exam, it is important to take a few minutes and meditate to relieve stress before going into the exam. You will see that the scores you receive in classes and your mental health will increase because of these habits acquired.

5. Join a club activity. 

By joining a club, it causes more motivation in yourself than you realize. Throughout high school, I was a member of a team. Where at the time, I did not enjoy attending practices. Looking back at it, I am so thankful for the stability that being a part of the team brought me. I felt stronger and more confident by being a member of a team, and it brings you a group of people that you are forced to see everyday, whether you like it or not. By being with a group of people, you will find motivation in yourself to do better, by completing the activity with a group of people. This motivation can carry into the goals that you have to complete in your subjects everyday.

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