Positivity is something we lack as a whole. Teenagers and young adults take positivity for granted and fail to realize the true importance of being positive in every day life. It's hard to eliminate all the negatives in life when it seems like they just keep coming, but the only way to maintain a positive lifestyle is to start. Everyone starts at a different time, but we all need to channel our inner 7-year-old and think about the way we used to think as kids, when we failed to see all the bad in the world. The difference now, is we can help. We can change our attitude to benefit ourselves and the people around us. There's things we can do to help increase the positive vibes around us you've probably tried all of these but failed because you don't have the right mindset, well now you do:

1. Stop talking about people.

It's something we all do, but it needs to stop. The amount of conversations I've heard and sadly been a part of where the only thing that can manage to escape our mouths is how many people a girl has slept with, or what someone was wearing at school. It's honestly a disappointment. As young people we should be spreading new ideas and be lifting each other up, not be solely concerned on what's going on with people who won't matter in ten years.

2. Stop complaining.

We complain about everything. How much homework we have, all of our exams, school, our friends and it's not worth it. While you're complaining about all your exams you have next week, you could be studying and doing something productive to benefit you in the future rather than talk about how "hard" your life is.

3. Wake up happy.

It's a hard thing to do. I'm someone who would rather be in my bed than anywhere half of the time, but once I finally realized all the great benefits of the morning time and how blessed I was to be able to live on this earth for another day just instantly brightens my day.

4. Quotes. Always quotes.

I LOVE affirmation. It's one of my love languages, so the best way for me to receive is to give it myself. I have quotes written everywhere, on the front of all my school binders, in my room, in my bathroom, on my phone, literally everywhere. Quotes keep me in the moment, most of them are about living for the now because it might be all we get. Getting yourself in touch with reality and how grateful you should be for the life you have keeps you on the toes of positivity.

5. Pray about it.

Prayer keeps me sane. Pray to whoever you want, but praying helps me keep my priorities and my thoughts together. It puts me into this space where I feel comfortable talking to God about any issues I'm having in my life. Just try it.