Living A Life Of Confidence In Our Body-Shaming World

With the sacred Victoria's Secret fashion show just ending, people all over the country and world, for that matter, may be feeling a little intimidated. Whether you’re the one wrapping your stomach up during the show, the one eating buckets of ice cream, or the one boycotting it (like myself) I think we can all agree that it makes us feel a little inferior. But, nobody should ever feel this way about themselves, confidence is key, and here are a few ways to believe it.

Notice the Truth in all of the Lies

If there’s one thing to realize when flipping through magazines, or passing billboards, it's that every single person in the ad has been modified and Photoshopped to fit the criteria that the company thinks our world wants to see. Every thin body, and all blemish-free skin, is just a hoax. Once you can look at an ad and realize that it is physically impossible to look the way they do, you'll start to appreciate the beauty in yourself.

Know the Beauty in Being Unique

Every body size is special, every freckle is there for a reason, so wear that outfit people will give you stares in and embrace it, talk to cute strangers, be a risk taker, and take advantage of all of your qualities… because life is way too short to be worried about the judgment from your peers.

Recognize the People Who Bring You Up in your Life

The people who realize your true potential and want to see the best in you are the ones to keep around. Have people in your life that want to see you flourish in things like your dreams and aspirations, instead of how many drinks you can handle that night.

Make Sure You’re Not Trying to Someone You're Not

Because you are YOU! And sure, you can watch the fashion show and want to be like them... just as skinny as them, or as pretty as them. But in reality, you are not focusing on yourself, your beauty, and the good qualities within YOU.

Know Your Worth

You’re beautiful. You’re one of a kind. You are unique. Once you embrace yourself, others will too. Surround yourself with happy, positive people and you will begin to feel happiness within yourself.

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