It has already been a crazy year, and it’s not even that far into it yet. Things happen every day that catch me off guard. I’m not complaining because they make me appreciate this life more. With school and work, life is constantly busy and moving super-fast. Sometimes it’s hard to breathe. I tend to get stressed out very easily, and then I overthink things which just stresses me out more. I mean, I hardly remember closing my eyes at night anymore, I just pass out because I’m so tired. But, with a lack of sleep and time in the day, I have been doing my best to make time available to minimize my stress a little to where I’m not a total b*tch every day. I will share them because maybe they can help you too.

1. Meditation

The number one way to relieve stress and relax muscles. Whether you do it before you go to bed or even in your car before walking into work, it allows your body to become relaxed which means you can start the day with a positive outlook. It only takes 15-30 minutes out of your busy schedule, but why not try it when the world could melt away and you can feel better before you become stressed out again?

2. Drink Water

Honestly, water helps everything. Whenever someone tells me they aren’t feeling well or something along those lines I just say drink water. I truly believe it helps everything, but I don’t know why or how. But it hydrates you and when your body is hydrated you are healthy. When you are hydrated, your muscles will be a little more relaxed, as well. It’s usually water or coffee for me to get through the day, maybe some green tea in there every now and then.

3. Take A Bath

I’m not one to take a bath normally; once in a while, maybe. I have been taking a few lately, though, because I’m basically a professional "fall off your snowboard" athlete. I mean basically on my way to the Olympics to show them how it’s done…. Kidding. But hell, throw some bubbles in there, or a muscle soak for those sore muscles you never actually use or go buy a bath bomb which is actually super cool. They are especially cool when you have to scrub the glitter out of your tub afterward. Play your most relaxing playlist, maybe dim the lights a little or turn them completely off and light a candle. I’m not saying this is sexy time - this is not that time, that’s another time. This is me-time, just be with yourself, breathe, and relax. Feel the warm water and enjoy being alone for the moment - until someone in your house starts yelling your name.

4. Sleep

Just like water, sleep helps everything. When you are asleep, you can dream all you want about things you want. Plus, sleeping is just great, it makes you have more energy to get through these long days. Unless you have sleeping issues or dream about people like killing you or something, but that’s out of my expertise. But it allows your brain to stop and rest, don’t have the TV on or headphones in, just get some rest you most likely need it.

5. Take A Shot

Last but not least, and I am not an alcoholic, but I do enjoy whiskey. The biggest reliever ever for every now and then when ya need it, take a shot of something strong. For me, Jack Daniels is always a go to - I love the taste and it just warms me up on the inside. It’s comforting, not talking about Sothern Comfort although that’s good, too. It really will calm your nerves, just like you need a slap in the face sometimes. But this tastes good so just keep going.

In the end everyone has their own ways to relax and deal with their stress. You just may have to figure out what those are or use some of mine I swear they help a little. Just remember to breath, you got this!