As I found myself in the library earlier this week Photoshopping a fake Holiday Card of my friends and I, I realized that there are more than just your standard ways of procrastinating. "That's a good idea for an article" I thought, as my notes for my Religious Studies Class sitting in front of me were obviously the furthest thing from my mind. Certainly, there are still the standard ways of procrastinating out there, but even Instagram and Snapchat can get boring after eight hours in the library. If you're reading this article in the first place, you're probably looking for more ways to procrastinate (don't lie to yourself) and props to you for already getting creative. But if you're looking for a few more ways here they are:

1.) Photoshop

Download the seven day free trial of Photoshop, proceed as follows: Spend an entire hour figuring out how to use it. Create a masterpiece. Laugh. Promptly get bored of photoshopping things. Take a nap.

2.) Spotify

Panic because you suddenly decided you need a new Spotify playlist to be able to study. Spend between two to three hours making said playlist. Realize that you like all the songs on it too much to actually pay attention to studying. Stop studying. Proceed to just listen to the playlist. Take a nap.

3.) Online Shopping

Have five separate online shopping carts simultaneously ready to check-out. Remember you literally have $3 to your name. Cry. Decide that now is the ideal time to apply for summer internships. Realize they're all unpaid. Take a nap instead.

4.) YouTube Videos

Reward yourself for that solid five minutes of studying with an hour of stupid YouTube videos. 10/10 would recommend typing in "Bee Movie" or "All-Star by Smash Mouth." Realize you've been watching "All-Star by Smash Mouth arranged by Scrabble Score" for an hour. Reevaluate your life choices by taking a nap.

5.) Organizing

Decide that now is the proper time to clean and redecorate your entire room. Twice. Fold one blanket and then decide that you should organize your day by the hour instead. Proceed to organize your day by the hour. Realize you wasted the first hour you planned to study by planning your day by the hour. Redo your plan. Accidentally take a nap instead of actually doing anything ever.

If you wish to forgo the first 5 steps: Cry. Just Cry. Fail all your finals. Happy Holidays.

*Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any grades that result from following the advice on this list.