Have you recently caught yourself shallowly breathing over the thought of summer coming to an end? Or have you had similar conversations surrounding the topics below in the past few weeks?

"I can't believe I am moving back to my dorm in three weeks! I need to go shopping for decorations P-R-O-N-T-O!"

"Oh my gosh, I had three books I was supposed to read over the summer, and the essays for them are due in ten days!"

"Why is my USF Email flooding with a whole bunch of messages from random professors? Oh my gosh, they are all syllabuses!"

If so, you are suffering from a syndrome that has to do with your summer unfortunately coming to an end. It's okay, it happens to the best of us. Every. Single. Year.

Without much further ado, here are 5 unfortunate signs that signify the end of summer that I have recently been suffering through:

1. The school emails have begun again.

Last week, I was sitting on my laptop writing a post for my blog and I see a notification on the right corner of my screen from my school email. I click on it- then quickly regret it- because it brought me to my inbox, where THREE of my upcoming fall professors have already sent me the much dread syllabus for their classes. I immediately started to internally cry upon seeing these.

2. Dorm arrangements have been posted.

All within a couple of hours this year, my two roommates from last year, and new roommate have all flooded my phone with nervous messages.We all wanted to make sure they got our arrangements correct, because our housing department is notorious for doing it wrong.

Yes, I am excited to move back in with the gals, but yes I am also sad to be once again leaving my humble abode (where Mom and Dad ALWAYS cook me dinner and take out the trash and I never have to worry about forgetting a meal).

3. The infamous Campus B&N reminders have resumed.

Every year around the time where it is not quite August yet, but you never want July to end, our on-campus Barnes & Noble starts sending students 15% off coupons for university gear as a wake up reminder that school is just around the corner. They also start emailing you about renting and buying textbooks- oh how I have NOT missed those heavy things.

4. Your parents talk plans of remodeling your room.

Storage room, man cave, guest room- you name it, my parents have suggested it. Around the end of July every year, mom and dad bring up the topic of my moving out about three times a week. I wonder who is more eager to get me out of the house- my parents or me?

5. Google calendar has returned as your "most used" app.

Last week, I decided to start looking at my calendar to block out my class and club meeting times, and I internally fell apart at how crazy busy my calendar suddenly looks. I really should not have complained at all about my summer classes, because they have nothing on fall's.

It's okay everyone, even though the fall semester is upon us, we will surely make it through together!