5 Things That Are Totally Underrated In College

Life can be a crazy adventure, but for the most part it's made up of an small, underrated things. Especially in college, the little things in life take on a whole new meaning. Here's a list of the top five things I have learned to appreciate more since I've been at college.

1. Halo Top ice cream

If you haven't had the pleasure of this low calorie, protein infused ice cream graving your lips, you need not waste anymore time on this article. Go to Kroger and buy yourself one of the 26 different flavors. My personal favorites are sea salt caramel, cookie dough, and oatmeal cookie.

2. Movie night with friends

There is nothing like the bond between friends that develops over an obsession for movies.

3. Yoga

Yoga = a relaxing workout, stretching, and a tiny nap

4. Speaking of naps...

30 minutes break before your next class? Nap. Three-hour break before your next class? Nap.

5. Volunteering

Whenever I found myself stressing over stupid, little things, I find it best to forget myself and my worries by giving back to the community. Find a soup kitchen, Salvation Army, or an animal shelter that you could start volunteering at regularly. It's good for the soul and you're blessed with the opportunity to make someone's life a little better.

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