5 Underrated Artists And Bands You Never Even Knew About

Some of the best music comes from bands and artists who are under the radar. Many underrated bands tend to play with different sounds, creating music for a variety of people. Some of us get tired easily from mainstream pop artists, and we crave something new. There is so much good music to be found, it just takes a little bit of exploration and open-mindedness. Just because someone is lesser-known doesn't mean their music should be overlooked.

Here are some artists that will surely brighten up your playlists.

1. Anna of the North. 

Female vocalist Anna of the North has a unique sound, carrying airy vocals and pop tunes. Her music reflects that of the early 2000s, with heavy synth beats. Most of her songs are about heartbreak, capturing every emotion in the warmest way possible. She brings a unique style to the music industry, even appearing in the background of songs on Tyler the Creator's "Flower Boy."

Songs you should listen to: "Someone," "Oslo," and "Leaning on Myself"

2. boy pablo.

Chilean-Norwegian indie pop band/musician, boy pablo, delivers music that feels like summertime. He actually started his music career by posting a low-quality video of himself and his band on Youtube, of his hit, "Every time." This year, the musician and band performed at Coachella. We all have a soft spot for sad love songs, and boy pablo somehow always delivers them in a light tone, almost making me forget how sad they truly are. Their music holds to an upbeat tone, incorporating light guitar riffs and mellow moods, being the perfect melodies to cure your playlist drought.

Songs you should listen to: "Every time," "Feeling Lonely," and "Dance, Baby!"


HUNNY is an indie-rock band, creating music with an '80s feel. Their sound reminds me slightly of The 1975, consisting of melodramatic lyrics and steady beats. Each of their songs sounds as if they belong in an angsty teen movie, captivating every pop-punk element. Their songs will make you want to get up and dance or head bop, whatever you like to do.

Songs you should listen to: "Televised," "Lula, I'm Not Mad," and "Vowels"

4. The Marías.

L.A. based band, The Marías, have a sound unlike anyone else. The Puerto Rican-born lead of the band, María, has a dreamy voice, being the key to their smooth, beautiful style, while also incorporating her Spanish background into their music. Their songs are haunting, yet mellow, and make me want to escape into dreamland. Their style can be described as "psychedelic soul" with vintage elements. Not only is their music great, but the videos they produce are stunning. They capture every aesthetic I've ever dreamed of.

Songs you should listen to: "I Don't Know You," "Only in My Dreams," and "Cariño"

5. Omar Apollo.

Omar Apollo is a Mexican-American artist who incorporates jazzy vocals, rich sounds, and diverse rhythms in his music. His collection of love songs are the best for when you are feeling every emotion at once. Some are sad, and some are full of soul and movement. His new EP, "Friends," is groovy in every way, full of R&B inspired tracks.

Songs you should listen to: "Ugotme," "Hijo de Su Madre," and "Unbothered"

Opening our eyes to new music and different sounds lead us to discover rare gems. In an age where most mainstream music starts to sound the same, it is nice to hear the refreshing sound of inspiring, lesser-known artists.

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