8 Underrated Music Artists You’ll Wish You Listened To Sooner

8 Underrated Music Artists You’ll Wish You Listened To Sooner

I'd like to think my taste in music is fairly diverse. I'll listen to just about anything, except for country. Sorry about that.


With streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and Pandora, etc., music has become extremely accessible in recent years. This technology has allowed artists, old and new, to gain traction with new crowds. Being that I enjoy a variety of genres, I like to keep an open ear and mind to new music; or at least, music that's new to me. I've found myself on multiple occasions going on tangents to seek out unknown artists through these platforms. That being said, I decided to piece together a list of some of the best, underrated artists of today's music.


Flickr Creative Commons

Known by his stage name, Sampha, Sampha Sisay hails from Morden, South London, United Kingdom. As a singer/songwriter, Sampha has been spotlighted most for featuring on songs alongside Drake, Kanye West, and Solange. While he's yet to make a real breakout on his own, there's a good chance you'd recognize his voice. I first discovered Sampha my freshman year of high school through his features on SBTRKT's "SBTRKT" album. The soft, melodic tone of his voice has gone largely underappreciated for some time, but it has never failed to make for the perfect study music.

Chet Faker (Nick Murphy)

Wikimedia Commons

Born Nicholas James Murphy, Chet Faker chose his stage name in honor of the famed jazz musician, Chet Baker. The Australia native has a mixture of jazz, soul, and electronic sounds throughout his music. Although I discovered his music when he performed and recorded as Chet Faker, Murphy took to social media to inform fans that he would release all future projects, starting in 2017, as Nick Murphy.

I stumbled across, then, Chet Faker when his cover of Blackstreet's "No Diggity" shuffled onto Pandora. Although I'm a fan of the original version of the song, I instantly fell in love with Faker's version. The slowed down smooth, raspy cover, and his music, in general, makes him the perfect addition to any "chill" playlist.



THEY. is a dynamic R&B duo comprised of Dante Jones and Drew Love from Los Angeles, California. While they are categorically R&B, they also incorporate hip-hop and a light mix of rock into their overall sound. Honestly, I'm not quite sure where I first heard THEY., but I believe it was freshman year of college. I remember taking an instant liking to them, as I've always been a fan of hip-hop. However, their sound is a softer, more unique sound than the mainstream R&B and hip-hop of today. In my opinion, they've built a bridge between these old-school genres and their future sound.

Little Dragon

Wikimedia Commons

The Swedish band from Gothenburg, Sweden has a cacophony of genres that make up their sound. Primarily encompassing an electro-indie and alternative-pop sound, Little Dragon's music ranges from emotional ballads to energy-ridden dance tracks. I discovered Little Dragon my freshman year of high school, through the same album that I discovered Sampha. Although they, too, are a more obscure group, they've had their fair share of big features, including ones with Flume, Big Boi, and Mac Miller. Aside from the features, my favorite tracks are their upbeat, fun records that can instantly transform my mood.

Majid Jordan 

Wikimedia Commons

Comprised of singer Majid Al Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman, Majid Jordan joined forces in Toronto, Canada. Mostly known for signing a deal with Drake's OVO Sound label, Majid Jordan's sound is based in R&B but is more alternative R&B mixed with synth-pop. They've had several collaborations with the famed rapper, which has given some much-needed attention to the pair. Considering their discography, some of their music is relaxing, some of it makes you want to dance, and some of it may put you in your feelings. Overall, the talented duo offers a record for every mood and setting. With this versatility, Majid Jordan is a MUST-listen-to group.

Two Feet

Known by the stage name Two Feet, Zachary William "Bill" Dess is a singer/songwriter from New York. He's categorically considered to fall under the electronic genre, but I think that's a very narrow description of his music. Akin to the sound of Chet Faker, Two Feet's music is a bit sultrier and little more Blues-y. I also stumbled upon Two Feet when his music shuffled onto one of my Pandora stations, and I haven't regretted learning of him since. It somehow seems that he's always slated to perform at every music festival that I want to attend, but never actually end up going to.

Marian Hill

Wikimedia Commons

Hailing from the "City of Brotherly Love," Marian Hill is a duo of producer Jeremy Lloyd and singer Samantha Gongol. They derived their stage name from two characters, Marian Paroo and Harold Hill, from the lauded musical, The Music Man. The pair's sound mainly fits between synth-pop and electronic. The group, however, has their own idea of themselves, as they've called themselves the self-proclaimed "future of pop;" and if that's the case, sign me up! Marian Hill's music is mainly up-tempo and energetic with a subtle sultry quality. Their tracks definitely make for great additions to any party playlist.

Dennis Lloyd

Flickr Creative Commons

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, Nir Tibor adopted the stage name Dennis Lloyd and kicked off his music career in Bangkok, Thailand. With such a diverse cultural background, it is no surprise that Lloyd's sound reaches across many genres. Most notably, Lloyd's sound has been noted as a blending of indie pop, R&B, synth-pop, with a touch of reggae. His biggest hit so far is "Nevermind," which actually completely shocked me when I heard it being played on multiple, mainstream US radio stations. I had previously discovered Dennis Lloyd on Tidal and had perused through most of his discography. As an oddly obsessed fan of raspy voices, I thoroughly plan to keep up with his future projects.

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11 Things Psychology Majors Hear That Drive Them Crazy

No pun intended.

We've all been there. You're talking to a new acquaintance, or a friend of your parents, or whoever. And then, you get the dreaded question.

"So what are you studying in school?"

Cue the instant regret of picking Psychology as your major, solely for the fact that you are 99.9% likely to receive one of the slightly comical, slightly cliche, slightly annoying phrases listed below. Don't worry though, I've included some responses for you to use next time this comes up in conversation. Because it will.

Quick side note, these are all real-life remarks that I've gotten when I told people I was a psych major.

Here we go.

1. So are you, like, analyzing me right now?

Well, I wasn't. But yeah. Now I am.

2. Ugh so jealous! You picked the easy major.

"Lol" is all I have to say to this one. I'm gonna go write my 15-page paper on cognitive impairment. You have fun with your five college algebra problems, though!

3. So can you tell me what you think is wrong with me? *Shares entire life story*

Don't get me wrong; I love listening and helping people get through hard times. But we can save the story about how one time that one friend said that one slightly rude comment to you for later.

4. Well, s**t, I have to be careful what I say around you.

Relax, pal. I couldn't diagnose and/or institutionalize you even if I wanted to.

5. OMG! I have the perfect first client for you! *Proceeds to vent about ex-boyfriend or girlfriend*

Possible good response: simply nod your head the entire time, while actually secretly thinking about the Ben and Jerry's carton you're going to go home and demolish after this conversation ends.

6. So you must kind of be like, secretly insane or something to be into Psychology.

Option one: try and hide that you're offended. Option two: just go with it, throw a full-blown tantrum, and scare off this individual, thereby ending this painful conversation.

7. Oh. So you want to be a shrink?

First off, please. Stop. Calling. Therapists. Shrinks. Second, that's not a psych major's one and only job option.

8. You know you have to go to grad school if you ever want a job in Psychology.

Not completely true, for the record. But I am fully aware that I may have to spend up to seven more years of my life in school. Thanks for the friendly reminder.

9. So you... want to work with like... psychopaths?

Let's get serious and completely not-sarcastic for a second. First off, I take personal offense to this one. Having a mental illness does not classify you as a psycho, or not normal, or not deserving of being treated just like anyone else on the planet. Please stop using a handful of umbrella terms to label millions of wonderful individuals. It's not cool and not appreciated.

10. So can you, like, read my mind?

It actually might be fun to say yes to this one. Try it out and see what happens. Get back to me.

11. You must be a really emotional person to want to work in Psychology.

Psychology is more than about feeling happy, or sad, or angry. Psychology is about understanding the most complex thing to ever happen to us: our brain. How it works the way it does, why it works the way it does, and how we can better understand and communicate with this incredibly mysterious, incredibly vast organ in our tiny little skull. That's what psychology is.

So keep your head up, psychology majors, and don't let anyone discourage you about choosing, what is in my opinion, the coolest career field out there. The world needs more people like us.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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