It's hard to find the motivation to do anything in college, specially trying to stay healthy. Here are a few ways to find that motivation in really simple ways.

1. Ask your friends to go to the gym with you- It's way better to have company when going to the gym and your friends will keep you on track, especially if you want to quit after five minutes like me. They'll also keep you to your promise of "I'll go to the gym at five." At five, you might feel like you don't want to do anything, but you know your friend, particularly a really fitness focused friend, will drag you to the gym.

2. Check out the salad bar in the dining hall- I know with midterms coming up we all need our comfort foods, but make a salad for yourself instead. Ask one of your healthy eating friends or a vegan friend how to make a tasty salad or what foods might be a good substitute for the chicken and fries that you usually have.

3. Drink water!!- College students run on a combination of coffee, energy drinks, and not enough sleep. So keep drinking your coffee, but add some water to your drinking habits throughout the day. It helps your digestion and keeps you hydrated to get through that Chem test without passing out from how much you're sweating from stress.

4. Keep a health journal- This helps you keep track of everything you're doing throughout the week and lets you know what you're doing right and wrong. Write down the calories you eat, how many steps you've taken, the amount of time you spent on the treadmill, and your weight at the end of the week. You can see your progress as you go week to week.

5. Start slowly and work yourself up- No one starts off as Jillian Michaels and that's okay. Start off small, going to the gym a few days every other week for half and hour and healthy meals. Gradually lengthen your time at the gym and how often you go. Don't force yourself in the beginning because that could hurt your body and your drive for health.