5 Tips For The Stressed Out College Student
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Student Life

5 Tips For The Stressed Out College Student

I promise, it’s not just you.

5 Tips For The Stressed Out College Student
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Everyone is starting to get settled in their classes by now. Week 3 is stressful and sadly sometimes it will get worse but let me offer you some tips.

1. Have a calendar!!

Please write your assignments in a calendar. I struggle so much with remembering deadlines and I think it’s important to have a calendar full of them! You might even put them due a few days earlier and work ahead

2. Group your classes

By that I mean don’t make all of your math and science work be done on the same day. Do some math then do some English. Then do some science with something else another day. Don’t make all of your hard work be done on the same days.

3. Goals

You have to set goals. Make it your goal for the week to not stay out passed 10 pm until your homework is done. Make it a goal to not leave on Friday night until all your homework for the weekend is done.

4. Don’t do all of your homework at once. 

Don’t spend more than a few hours a day on homework. Don’t over work yourself just to finish deadlines.

5. Relax.

You aren’t the only stressed one. You will be okay. Take some time out of the week to do the thing that calms your soul.

Remember that college is supposed to be fun and not stressful all of the time. Take a deep breath, it will all be okay.

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