Now I know some have already started but some are just getting started so I have come with tips and goals to remember as the new year starts.

1) Looks. To be honest, the only person who cares how you look is yourself. Yes, you should present how you want to be seen. For presentations, look your best. If it's not that, then people will be more worried about how they look to worry about how you look. So don't wake up hours before your 8am class to look A class, when it won't matter. I go to most my classes in sweats and never regret it.

2) Grades and Studying. This is only my opinion, of course, but don't spend every second you possibly have locked in your room with your head in your books. Now i'm not saying go to every party possible and skip classes. All i'm saying is that there is a time to study and a time to relax. I have had friends who only study and that only leads to stress not thinking their ready for an exam, when in reality, they probably didn't even need to study. I have also had friends who blew off homework and wondered why they weren't doing good on exams. Only studying before an exam isn't the way to go. Trust me....

3) Time Management. This includes studying. In my past few years at college, I have found that a planner helps me the most. Crossing things off a list is one of the most satisfying things. It's not for everybody though. Time management is still something very important to grasp though. Especially if you're involved in more than just academics. I suggest planning your day out the day before and it will cause your stress level to drop, I promise.

4) Fitting In. This is huge for freshman. Don't worry about fitting in. You will find friends and you will have fun I promise. Don't add more problems for yourself than you already have. Worry about yourself and friends will come along. College isn't about fitting in!

5) Home Sick. My last and final tip. A lot of people get home sick, AND THAT'S OKAY. You just lived at home for years and you just packed up your life and are trying to shove it into a dorm, believe me, it can be scary. Once you start being around people and have a schedule, things and emotions will calm down. I call my mom around 3 times a week, and it doesn't even have to be about anything. It's okay to be homesick but it's not okay to go home every weekend. You're not a commuter, live life and learn to be independent. You're going to do great, stop worrying.

Enjoy the college life and I hope these tips and goals have helped!

- Heidi