It’s that time of the year again: when college students pack all of their belongings and return to their home away from home. Some may return to a dormitory to room for the upcoming year while others may have the luxury of living off-campus or in an apartment. But, for those of us who still have RAs living on our floor, here are a few of the most common thoughts that go through our mind as they become acquainted with us.

1. “Are they chill?”

No one wants an older college student ordering us around each and every day and being a stickler about some of the most insignificant things. But, above all, you want to know whether you can trust them and look at them as a friend as opposed to a superior figure.

2. “Do they follow all of the rules?”

Yes, some of our floor members are rebellious and want to do things that are probably against the rules. And, in all honesty, I’m sure the RA has done that themselves when they were residents. You often wonder if each and every rule is going to have a negative consequence or be sought out by the RA if you break them.

3. “I really didn’t expect them to look like this”

Prior to school, we often are in communication with our RA’s through email. When you read their name or the manner in which they write, you often get an image in your head as to how they may look or how old they are. But, when you see them, you may be in for the biggest shock of your semester.

4. “Are the other RAs like them?”

When you live in a communal setting, it's inevitable that you are going to run into other RA’s around the building. While getting to be acquainted with your own RA is the most important, it’s nice to see familiar faces and know exactly who they are.

5. “Are they going to do events that have free food?”

Every college student knows that it is an absolute luxury to have food that isn’t from an average dining hall. When your RA has to host an event, it’s great that you get to know them better while eating some of your favorite off campus foods.

Although some of us may be intimidated by an RA, they are always there to guide, support, and help you throughout the year. Build a strong relationship, be respectful, and understand the boundaries between you and your RA, and you'll be in for an amazing year back at the dorms.