5 Thoughts about Fast Food

5 thoughts that run through my mind as a fast food worker…

  • I’m not a drop out
    • I’m not a drop out I actually graduated high school in 2014 and I am currently a junior in college. I work at McDonalds to support myself because I’m not going to ask my family for money when I can work for it myself. So please do me a favor and if you want to judge someone how about getting to know them first.
  • YES, I ask you to repeat your order multiple times
    • In back drive which is the order taker and the money taker for the drive through at McDonalds I am doing more than just listening to what you want off the menu. I am trying to take someone’s money at the same time. I would like you to repeat it multiple times so I know that I have the correct information or do you just want me to screw it up? Didn’t think so.
  • This isn’t a high school hangout.
    • While I know it might be the only place that is cheap to eat for you high school kids, do not come loiter in the store. We aren’t meant for you to just sit there and gossip with your friends, you can go to the mall for that! Also, if you are in the store please respect that there are more guests than just you.
  • Language
    • I find it particularly rude for guests to use fowl language, yeah that may be how you talk at home and in the community but DO NOT call me any of those names. I will not tolerate it and I will ask you to leave and refuse you service.
  • We mess up WE ARE HUMAN
    • There are more orders than just yours. Yes, we strive to have no mess ups in a given day, but things happen we are human. That does not give you the right to call us worthless pieces of shits, do it again and I’ll be tempted to spit in your sandwich.

Moral of this story is do not judge the people that are willing to work at a fast food restaurant because you feel as if you are above them. Little hint; you aren’t! If you don’t like the way, we do things or you have a fit with the way your food/drink tastes please come take a step in my shoes and learn what a fast food worker is about.

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