5 Things You Should Do Before You Graduate College

1. Study Abroad

Yes, it can be expensive, but trust me it is extremely worth it. Whether you do it for a week like I did or a whole semester, studying abroad will be one of the best things about your college experience.

2. Play Hide And Seek With A Group Of Friends

This was something I did like my sophomore year. Me and a group of like 8 of my friends gathered in one of the central parts of our university right after all of the street lights had come on. We played a version of hide and seek, but there are a few rules. First, you have to set boundaries because college campuses can be pretty large so set some boundaries. Even with boundaries there are still plenty of places to hide. Second, be safe and have fun!

3. Make As Many Friends As Possible

If you are like me then you have a hard time making friends because you are an introvert, but don't worry because it doesn't matter how much of a hermit you are in college because you will make friends. If you go through college without making a single friend then you must have a special talent because I would say it is near impossible. Friendships come and go in college just like they do in life, but the friends you make in college will be some of your life long friends and they can even serve as a valuable connection post college.

4. Join A Cult....er I Mean Student Organization

There is literally a club or organization for anything and everything in college. Like Harry Potter? There's probably a club for that. And if there isn't you can always start your own although it is a lot to handle.

5. Enjoy Yourself (not too much)

Yes, college is school and school is not fun however college is not like middle or high school because freedom is aplenty. Have fun, don't stress too much, do not turn down an invitation to a party even though you have an exam the next day. Granted, do not go overboard. Those who learn how to balance hard work with fun are the ones who make it through college and actually can say it was the best time of their lives.

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