5 Things You Know If You Drive A Jeep
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5 Things You Know If You Drive A Jeep

"So, you drive a Jeep?"

5 Things You Know If You Drive A Jeep
Auto Week

The Jeep is arguably one of the most iconic cars of all time. Since its inception in the 40's, the military powerhouse has maintained it's classic safari look while transitioning into a something of a luxury vehicle during the 2000's. But whether you own a CJ-5 or a Rubicon, here are 11 things you know if you own a Jeep.

1. The Jeep Wave

If you drive a Jeep and have never waved to another Jeep driver, shame on you. The 'Jeep Wave' refers to the act of acknowledging other Jeep drivers on the road, usually with an open-palm hand or a peace sign. Why do we do it? No one knows. Owning a Jeep gives you the right to perform this wave; it is a badge of fraternity that should be enacted with pride. It's a tradition and, now, you're a part of it.

2. The older the Jeep, the better.

Modern Jeeps are vehicles to admire, no doubt. But most Jeep owners agree, the magic of a Jeep never came from a computer. Jeeps were cars with a job to get done and for that they needed to be powerful, light, and rugged. The only extra weight on a Jeep was the machine gun mount and four-wheel drive was a necessity, not an off-roading option. Keep your heated seats and automatic transmission- Jeeps are about nostalgia.

3. Lift kits and giant wheels make a sexy Jeep.

Your standard Jeep is cute. It still looks hotter than every other car on the lot (except for other Jeeps of course). But the difference between a lifted Jeep and your standard height is the same difference between a lion cub and the alpha lion of the pride. Lifted Jeeps are basically the street legal version of a monster truck. You'd be crazy not to love it (and you're probably crazy anyways because you love it).

4. Jeeps are all about customization.

If you're someone who can appreciate individuality and creative expression, you were probably meant to drive a Jeep. Jeeps are a bit like Barbie dolls- a million different outfits to create an entirely unique looking doll. Entire magazines are devoted to the accessories you can buy for a Jeep ranging from era-specific pieces like a shovel or a WWII first aid kit to bigger buys like custom grills and rims. You can even buy eyelashes for your headlights and foot pedal attachments, should you decide to forgo your door.

This is a Jeep

This is also a Jeep

This is a Jeep with eyelashes (and amazing mascara)

5. A Jeep is a Jeep.

No matter the year, the model, or the customizations, a Jeep is still a Jeep. Iconic, nostalgic and deeply rooted in American history. It may not be the smoothest ride, but I love my Jeep. I love how it looks, how reliable I know it is (Jeeps will kick for close to 200,000 miles), and how I feel being in the "Jeep Club". Owning and driving a Jeep is something of a lifestyle and it's not one I'll be trading in anytime soon. In fact, why trade in when I could be like these guys?

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