5 Things You Can Find In The Depths Of Netflix

5 Things You Can Find In The Depths Of Netflix

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Now almost every college student likes Netflix. Who wouldn't? It's streaming of all the movies and TV shows we could possibly want with great originals like The Siege of Jadotville or Stranger Things. But there is a downside to Netflix that no one really talks about. Netflix's selection is pretty terrible. Of the thousands of selections on Netlfix, at any given moment, there might be a hundred that you had ever heard of. In my two and a half years at college, I've had a lot of time to dig through Netflix, enough time to realize there are some truly ridiculous titles on there. Here's Just a few.

5. "Nobel"

This show is not on here for being a bad show, because it's actually pretty good, but rather it's on here because it's just so strange that I'm watching it. It follows the experiences of a soldier in Afghanistan, and his wife who works for a huge international company that I don't fully understand. The weird part is that it's about Swedes. And it's all in Swedish. I didn't even know that there were Swedes in Afghanistan, but sure enough there are.

4. "Admiral"

This is a movie about a Dutch ship Captain in 1600s. Not surprisingly, it's in Dutch. While I can't fault their originality, other than that, this movie is pretty bad. It offsets the scenes of sweeping sea battles with scenes in the Dutch parliament, which I'm sure everyone was dying to see. Even more uncomfortable is the imperialist and nationalist undertones in the movie. But if you want to watch a three hour boring movie about Imperialists in another language, this is your movie

3. The British Shows

I always knew there were a lot of British shows, and sure many feature on Netflix. But it's so many. From good shows like "Sherlock" to kind of funny ones like "the IT Crowd" there's every type of show. There even "The Crown," a show for anyone who liked "Downton Abbey," but thought that it's plot was too exciting, and it's characters too down to earth.

2. The Bad Horror Movies

Now the horror genre is one that is full of terrible cornball movies, and it only makes sense that Netflix be full of them. Sure there's dumb creature features like "Dark Was The Night," a movie about hordes of lizard monsters in Minnesota, but they weirder the harder you look. "Would You Rather" is a movie in the same vein as "Saw" only the most famous actor in it is Sasha Grey (Yes, that Sasha Grey).

1. Bob Ross

Everyone has heard of Bob Ross, and knows his work with painting. But what I never realized for myself until I watched it was how absolutely mesmerizing watching the guy paint is. This isn't on here because of any weird thing in it, but just because I want everyone reading this to watch it now.

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